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Swine Flu Symptoms vs Mexico Trip
Added: 23rd May 2009
Views: 3661
Comments: 1

A list of symptoms you may experience if you have the swine flu vs if you just take a trip to Mexico

Tags: swine flu symptoms Mexico flu symptoms
Glass of Wine and Live Longer
Added: 7th March 2013
Views: 7101
Comments: 0

Relax people have a glass or better yet a bottle of wine and live a longer happier life. Or at least a longer buzzed life.

Tags: Glass of Wine Live Longer Happier Life
Where did the Swine Flu Start
Added: 1st May 2009
Views: 3198
Comments: 0

Here you go , patient 0, where the swine flu started, damn kids

Tags: swine flu patient 0 kids
How Swine Flu all got Started
Added: 21st October 2009
Views: 2142
Comments: 0

Men are pigs I guess huh, check this babe out, this is how the Swine Flu all got started people

Tags: funny swine flu picture
Swine Flu Survival Guide Video
Added: 28th October 2009
Views: 2218
Comments: 0

How to survive the swine flu and if you are already infected, how to bring down as many others as possible

Tags: swine flu survival guide video
Cool wine glass with built in straw
Added: 19th December 2011
Views: 5350
Comments: 3

Not sure why you would want to drink you wine out of a straw of any kind really, but here is a cool picture of some wine glasses with a built in straw.

Tags: wine glasses cool picture wine straw
Wine or water funny picture
Added: 2nd May 2012
Views: 5251
Comments: 0

At least this could be a way that you could enjoy your wine while have deniability in that you thought it was water. Yes officer I had a few bottles of water before driving, strange.

Tags: wine water funny picture funny sign
Funny Picture The Hormone Guide
Added: 10th December 2012
Views: 6180
Comments: 1

A funny picture showing the Hormone Guide. Just for men about women - their hormones and how best to act based on the situation. I'll give you a hint, alcohol works best...

Tags: Hormone Guide Funny Picture Women Hormones Mens Guide Wine Alcohol