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Humorous Car Crash
Added: 24th July 2008
Views: 3809
Comments: 0

$20 says it was a woman driver that caused this car crash and there was a squirrel in the road. wow, just goes to show why you shouldn't tail gate the car in front of you. Why do they call it tail gating anyway, wouldn't that only apply to trucks? Oh and just kidding women!

Tags: funny car crash pileup car crash picture
The difference between a man and a woman
Added: 24th July 2008
Views: 4020
Comments: 2

When it comes to sex it doesn't take much to turn a man on.... here is why us men have such a problem with you women!!! Cut us some slack

Tags: man turn on woman turn on
Women the Weaker Sex Sign
Added: 3rd January 2014
Views: 6672
Comments: 0

A funny sign about how women may really not be the weaker sex at least in some cases.

Tags: Women Weaker Sex Blankets Funny Sign
Woman goes wrong way on escalator
Added: 3rd May 2009
Views: 2398
Comments: 0

Big sale and everyone rushes in store and one women cant make it up escalator. WRONG WAY

Tags: woman escalator wrong way
Boyscouts Breast Exams
Added: 27th October 2008
Views: 2358
Comments: 0

Funny Boyscouts want to help out the younger women community and help them out hands on with their breast exams to get the badge. Very Funny

Tags: Boyscouts Breast Exams
The Awful Truth
Added: 13th November 2008
Views: 4516
Comments: 0

A funny picture showing the awful truth in the difference between men and women... and where their heart is...

Tags: awful truth men and women funny picture
Finally the Sexy eye test
Added: 11th February 2009
Views: 12365
Comments: 1

I bet more men (ok and some women) would have much better sight and would get to the eye doctor much more if the test were more like this rather than those boring letters.

Tags: eye test sexy test
Support Womens right to be topless
Added: 3rd March 2009
Views: 3533
Comments: 0

Funny sign on the back of a truck asking for your support of the right of women to go topless, I don't think it is too much to ask really

Tags: topless women funny sign truck
Tips for Success with Women
Added: 23rd April 2009
Views: 3967
Comments: 1

Funny picture drawing about how to be successful with women, well you can start by not being an ugly you stupid nerd

Tags: success with women don't be ugly nerd funny drawing
Women are not Equal to men
Added: 6th August 2009
Views: 2986
Comments: 0

Cute girl talks about how women are not equal to men and should stop acting like it already

Tags: women not equal