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Humorous Car Crash
Added: 24th July 2008
Views: 3792
Comments: 0

$20 says it was a woman driver that caused this car crash and there was a squirrel in the road. wow, just goes to show why you shouldn't tail gate the car in front of you. Why do they call it tail gating anyway, wouldn't that only apply to trucks? Oh and just kidding women!

Tags: funny car crash pileup car crash picture
Stupid Crosswalk
Added: 8th September 2008
Views: 3520
Comments: 1

I have seen crosswalks where there shouldn't be, I have wondering why there aren't crosswalks in certain places, but I have never seen a crosswalk as stupid as this, I mean it looks like an alley, is there really that much traffic that it would require our tax dollars to be used? What is it,...

Tags: crosswalk funny picture
hahaha meter
Added: 11th December 2008
Views: 4472
Comments: 1

How many times have you used the term hahaha, now, finally we have a way of measuring just how many ha's to use

Tags: hahaha meter funny meter measuring meter
Transparent Guitar
Added: 6th November 2009
Views: 2860
Comments: 0

Thought this was neato, and yes I used the word neato, so 1980s huh. Anyway, here ya go, just what you have always wanted, a transparent guitar

Tags: transparent guitar
Deadly Terms Used by Women
Added: 19th September 2013
Views: 6305
Comments: 1

5 of the most deadly terms used by women against men on a daily basis. Perhaps for just the cost of a cup of coffee a day you too can help every man escape this horrible life.

Tags: Deadly Terms Women Men Terms Coffee
Facebook Connections around the world
Added: 17th January 2011
Views: 2945
Comments: 1

A very neat picture of just how widely used and connected facebook really is around the globe with over 500 million users

Tags: Facebook connections
Alcohol abused by Friends
Added: 11th February 2011
Views: 2354
Comments: 0

We have all been at both ends of these types of gags at some point in our life probably. At least it is usually friends getting you back when you are drunk

Tags: alcohol abuse funny friends prank gag drunk
Human hotfix patch
Added: 15th March 2011
Views: 2957
Comments: 0

We are probably all used to patching and updating our computers, well now you can go out and download something to patch yourself or other humans, introducing version 1.1 of the human hotfix. Forget about working harder just apply this update patch

Tags: funny patch human patch
Used parachute for sale sign
Added: 11th April 2011
Views: 2681
Comments: 1

funny sign for one slightly used parachute for sale, never opened, for sale as-is, use at your own risk

Tags: funny sign used parachute for sale
Never Forget Technology of the Past
Added: 25th September 2013
Views: 6576
Comments: 1

Lets never forget the state of the art technology of the past that we all enjoyed at the time and has brought us to wear we are today. If you are old enough to have used each of these they will bring back many memories. Cassette tapes, VHS, big floppy, and the little floppy.

Tags: Never Forget Technology Memories Floppy VHS Cassette Tape