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Convincing the elderly that they are dead
Added: 27th September 2011
Views: 2426
Comments: 1

A funny video from the Onion about a Social Security scam targeting the elderly and trying to convince them that they are already dead.

Tags: funny video social security scam elderly
Social Media could kill in a fire
Added: 5th October 2011
Views: 1137
Comments: 0

With so many people using sites like Facebook and Twitter people are becoming to preoccupied to keep up with common sense. In this case this funny sign was put up to make sure that in case of a fire people first got out of the building before starting to tell the world they were in a fire and...

Tags: Social Media funny sign Twitter Facebook fire
Social media stereotypes
Added: 3rd November 2011
Views: 1811
Comments: 1

What do the various social media stereotypes look like? say for Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc... A very creative and talented design for a funny picture.

Tags: social media stereotypes Facebook Google Twitter
A real Life Version of Facebook and Twitter
Added: 18th April 2013
Views: 6327
Comments: 0

If you dont have a Facebook or Twitter account you too can still annoy people in real life. Social Media is likely here to stay so why not take it out in the real world

Tags: Facebook Twitter Real Life Funny Social Media
Vintage technology and social media
Added: 21st December 2011
Views: 1845
Comments: 0

Check out these nicely done new vintage pictures showing that social media and technology such as the Nintendo Wii have all been around for a very long time.

Tags: vintage pictures social media technology Nintendo Wii
How do men and women socialize
Added: 4th February 2012
Views: 4236
Comments: 1

A funny picture detailing the difference in how men and women socialize, basically they both lie about each other.

Tags: funny picture men women socialize
Funny picture Social Media explained
Added: 7th February 2012
Views: 3783
Comments: 0

A funny picture explaining all the various different Social Media outlets LIKE Facebook, Twitter, Linkedn, etc...

Tags: social media funny picture Facebook Twitter Linkedn funny
Socially constructed ideas of beauty
Added: 24th February 2012
Views: 3833
Comments: 0

A funny serious and somewhat annoying mirror and sign about how society sees beauty. We see beauty like everyone, a nice babe with blonde hair with some curves.

Tags: funny sign ideas of beauty funny mirror beauty social
How Twitter would look in 1985
Added: 29th August 2012
Views: 5856
Comments: 0

A funny video showing just how you would connect and interact with Twitter if it were online as a Social Media giant at that time. Yes folks we are talking about modems, dial up, and BBS type stuff here.

Tags: Twitter funny video how Twitter would look 1985
Funny Comic Facebook Google+ and Twitter
Added: 15th September 2012
Views: 5752
Comments: 0

A funny comic about the complexity of posting your ideas on the various social media networks available today like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter not to mention all the others

Tags: Social Media Facebook Google+ Twitter Funny Comic funny comic