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Animal Rights
Added: 12th September 2008
Views: 2338
Comments: 1

Comic/Custom Motivational satire

Tags: Motivation poster
Funny Abortion Comic
Added: 25th August 2010
Views: 2533
Comments: 0

Yes, I know, before I get all the mad emails, abortion is not a topic for joking, blah blah blah, just shut the hell up and laugh, this is a funny comic about life....it is just a funny picture people, lighten up

Tags: funny abortion comic abortion comic funny picture
Go outside and play
Added: 31st August 2011
Views: 2174
Comments: 0

We have all heard this before from our parents, but today's kids are addicted to video games, the internet, facebook, etc.. and it is difficult to get them to go outside and play. This funny comic sums it up nicely.

Tags: funny picture funny comic go outside Facebook
Suprise birthday party funny comic
Added: 12th November 2011
Views: 1163
Comments: 0

A funny comic, it took me a few seconds to 'get it', but I did. Basically the brother is a twin meaning he has the same birthday as his brother, but he is the one helping set it up.

Tags: funny comic birthday party suprise twin brother
Funny comic internet inlargement spam
Added: 26th November 2011
Views: 1578
Comments: 0

A funny comic about how bad internet spam has gotten in the past several years and how 45% of that spam is about some type of male enhancement or enlargement for men.

Tags: funny comic internet spam male enhancement enlargement
Funny comic lost at sea and saved
Added: 21st December 2011
Views: 2634
Comments: 1

A funny comic about 2 guys, one stranded on a deserted island and one in the middle of the ocean in a boat and they both think they are saved by each other.

Tags: funny comic funny lost at sea funny picture
Prepare to Ask for a Pay Increase
Added: 11th September 2012
Views: 5175
Comments: 1

A funny comic about a couple about to ask for a pay/salary increase from their bosses, how do you prepare for that moment?

Tags: funny comic boss salary increase pay funny comic
Computer Based Work Week Funny Comic
Added: 11th September 2012
Views: 5153
Comments: 2

This funny comic likely portrays how your work week looks as far as your mood, but what happens on Saturday when you are home, probably on the computer again, but just using Facebook instead of working and you have a window.

Tags: Funny comic Work Week Facebook your mood computers
Funny Comic Facebook Google+ and Twitter
Added: 15th September 2012
Views: 5688
Comments: 0

A funny comic about the complexity of posting your ideas on the various social media networks available today like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter not to mention all the others

Tags: Social Media Facebook Google+ Twitter Funny Comic funny comic
Gun Control Funny Comic
Added: 23rd January 2013
Views: 4563
Comments: 0

A funny comic making fun of the thought of having yet more gun control will reduce criminal violence.

Tags: Gun Control Funny Comic Criminals Violence Funny