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Funny Mario Kart Spoof Video
Added: 23rd February 2011
Views: 4298
Comments: 1

A very creative and funny video spoofing the Nintendo Wii Mario Kart game, now this took some time and money to develop

Tags: Mario Kart funny video spoof video Nintendo Wii
Crazy video music with a GameBoy
Added: 2nd November 2011
Views: 2156
Comments: 1

Now this is a crazy video of a guy playing music with nothing but a Nintendo GameBoy. Watch and you will be amazed, I think he uses just about every part of the Gameboy to get bass, drums, slide, etc... very cool video

Tags: Nintendo GameBoy crazy video music video Nintendo Gameboy
Vintage technology and social media
Added: 21st December 2011
Views: 2639
Comments: 0

Check out these nicely done new vintage pictures showing that social media and technology such as the Nintendo Wii have all been around for a very long time.

Tags: vintage pictures social media technology Nintendo Wii
Funny Video Mario with Post It Notes
Added: 31st July 2012
Views: 5616
Comments: 1

Check out this very creative and funny video of Nintendo Mario all done with Post It Notes via time lapse video. Even has some Pac-Man and Tetris thrown in as well.

Tags: Nintendo Mario Atari Tetris Pac-Man funny video Post It Notes
Updated Nintendo Mario Video Game
Added: 10th March 2013
Views: 8929
Comments: 0

Nintendos Mario video game gets at least a sound upgrade to be a more modernized version. No this is not realy people it is just another funny video.

Tags: Nintendo Mario Video Game Funny Video Modern
Nintendo Wii Mario Kart Game Sorry
Added: 23rd September 2014
Views: 5405
Comments: 0

We have all had to apologize to our family members at various times for the actions we take while playing the Nintendo Wii Mario Kart game

Tags: Nintendo Wii Mario Kart Game Sorry