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Stupidity learning the hard way
Added: 30th April 2009
Views: 2750
Comments: 0

Now check out this stupid moron guy, wonder how sharp these really are, let me stick my tongue on it, wtf.. Some stupid people have to learn the hard way I guess.

Tags: stupidity learn the hard way stupid people
Emma Watson Tongue from Bling Ring
Added: 8th April 2013
Views: 9156
Comments: 1

Emma Watson showing off her tongue from the movie Bling Ring, wow very sexy.

Tags: Emma Watson Tongue Bling Ring Sexy
Megan Fox Lights her Tongue
Added: 14th October 2009
Views: 1938
Comments: 0

Not sure what the deal is here, but anything Megan Fox has to be posted, it is basically a man law at this point. Although not sure why she needs to hold a lighter to her tongue

Tags: megan fox tongue
Strange video babe with 2 tongues
Added: 23rd February 2011
Views: 2016
Comments: 1

I don't know if she technically has 2 tongues or just a split tongue, but this babe can obviously move them independent of each other, very strange, let the sexual comments start flying since I know they are coming

Tags: babe tongue strange video babe 2 tongues
Cute babe eats Smurfs
Added: 10th May 2011
Views: 2661
Comments: 0

This blonde babe with her blue tongue is proof that she is out and about pillaging and eating smurfs, Papa Smurf is on to her though.

Tags: cute babe smurfs blonde babe
Crazy picture kid feeding a Chameleon
Added: 29th November 2011
Views: 1809
Comments: 0

Now this is one crazy picture of this stupidbrave kid feeding his pet Chameleon off of his own tongue.

Tags: crazy picture kid feeds Chameleon Chameleon pet
Quality can production job here
Added: 5th December 2011
Views: 2124
Comments: 0

You get home finally ready to open that nice can of mush Sardines, you tongue is watering to bite into those soft bones, but when you open the can you find out that quality control was very lacking and instead you got a can of a can, great job guys, no you are going to go hungry.

Tags: sardines can quality quality control job
Crazy video of babe with tongue skills
Added: 10th January 2012
Views: 2987
Comments: 0

Check out this crazy video of a babe with some very amazing skills with her tongue and some music.

Tags: crazy video babe tongue skills music amazing video
Tongue out with Boobs out
Added: 8th September 2014
Views: 4423
Comments: 0

If you tongue is out then your boobs had better be out as well and this pretty girl pulls it off like a boss

Tags: pretty girl tongue out boobs
Young girl with her Tongue Out
Added: 8th September 2014
Views: 6669
Comments: 1

A pretty young girl with nice boobs putting her tongue out for something

Tags: pretty girl tongue boobs