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Do what your boss says
Added: 24th July 2008
Views: 2679
Comments: 1

This guys did his job and changed the sign just like his boss said, at least he was creative about it

Tags: funny sign creative sign boss
The iRack
Added: 18th August 2008
Views: 2535
Comments: 0

A political spoof making fun of the Iraq war. Michael McDonald from MadTV plays Apple founder Steve Jobs and introduces Apple's latest product the "iRack."

Tags: Apple iRak spoof video MadTV
Annoying clothing tags
Added: 28th August 2008
Views: 2830
Comments: 1

Are you tired of those annoying little tags on the inside of your clothes, they always fade so its not like you could read them anyway, but even when you can read them they don't make much sense, so here is what you do.... give it to your Mom, it is her Job!!

Tags: clothing tag annoying tags wash clothes
Fence Treated with Lubricant
Added: 8th September 2008
Views: 2496
Comments: 1

Now I have seen some fairly strange fetishes in my day, but what are they thinking here, is there really a high demand for fence f'ing? Ok, if I am now being logical , I am guessing they are trying to prevent people from climbing it, but aren't there better ways to accomplish that task? I can...

Tags: lubricant fence funny sign
Clinton Lied Oral Sex
Added: 20th September 2008
Views: 2820
Comments: 1

wow, great quote by an old lady huh? A man might forget keys, etc.. but he will never forget oral sex no matter how bad it is. I really didn't think there was such a thing as bad oral sex, but I get the point. If you were Bill Clinton, leader of the free world, I think you would take a blowjob...

Tags: Bill Clinton oral sex clinton lied
Halloween Skeleton Road Painting
Added: 22nd October 2008
Views: 2567
Comments: 1

Funny painting of a skeleton on the road using the gutter for the ribs, great Halloween job for sure

Tags: Halloween skeleton road painting funny painting
George Bush Dude
Added: 13th November 2008
Views: 2567
Comments: 1

Dude, where's your job. Funny cartoon about president George Bush and his epic low approval ratings.

Tags: George Bush dude job funny cartoon
How to Get Fired on Facebook 101
Added: 24th September 2009
Views: 2121
Comments: 0

For all of those that are frustrated with your job, it can get worse, use some common sense so don't get fired while surfing Facebook at work!

Tags: facebook fired
Unemployed To Do List
Added: 25th September 2009
Views: 2438
Comments: 2

A list of stuff to do when you are unemployed, I don't think wasting your time on this list is going to help you find a job any quicker, but funny for sure

Tags: unemployed list to do list
The MacBox for checking your Mail
Added: 22nd November 2009
Views: 2804
Comments: 1

You've got mail, check out the newest Steve Jobs creation, now you can check your electronic mail and your snail mail from the same box, GENIUS

Tags: Macintoch macbox mail Steve Jobs