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No parking in front of a fire hydrant
Added: 24th July 2008
Views: 2406
Comments: 1

We all know the rule, not within 50 feet of a fire hydrant right, I guess we now know why, guess you just have to be that one person who parks there during a fire!

Tags: fire hydrant car no parking
Reserved for Drunk Drivers
Added: 7th May 2009
Views: 2054
Comments: 0

I don't know how you feel about drunk drivers, but I thought this was very funny and a very appropriate parking space for all of them.

Tags: parking reserved drunk drivers
NYPD Cop Gets Busted
Added: 21st November 2008
Views: 1642
Comments: 0

This NPYD cop gets busted for parking next to a fire hydrant. Funny citizen brings down the law

Tags: NYPD Cop Busted
Sex Doll Sentencing
Added: 26th April 2009
Views: 2041
Comments: 0

A Florida man caught partying with two blowup sex dolls in a Cape Coral parking lot pleaded 'no contest' in court Thursday.

Tags: Sex Doll Sentencing
Funny Beach Parking Sign
Added: 27th April 2009
Views: 2241
Comments: 0

wow, talk about a confusing parking sign eh.. Your just trying to get to the beach to enjoy your day and you now have no idea of what to do. Enter is now the new exit and free is the new $5.00

Tags: funny sign beach parking free exit
Shopping carts in a circle picture
Added: 31st January 2011
Views: 1951
Comments: 1

Crazy picture, someone pranked their local grocery store and put all of their carts in a joined circle in their parking lot.

Tags: funny pictures shopping cart parking lot
Fire Hydrant Parking Owned
Added: 9th February 2011
Views: 1712
Comments: 0

This is why you don't park within 25 feet of a fire hydrant, they will either tow your vehicle or bust out your windows and run the hose right through your car. What would you think if you walked out of the nudie bar to find your car looking like this, I am guessing OWNED

Tags: fire hydrant parking car owned
Bike Parking space
Added: 23rd March 2011
Views: 1662
Comments: 0

And by Bike, I don't mean motorcycle, as you can see this guy really parked his bike that uses manual human power by pedaling in a car parking space. Hmm... I wonder if it will be stolen or crushed first, place your bets

Tags: bike parking space funny bike parking
Funny parking ticket prank video
Added: 29th March 2011
Views: 2926
Comments: 1

Funny prank video, people trying to get their parking ticket from the machine and it won't let them take the ticket after they push the button

Tags: funny prank parking ticket funny prank video
Nice car but but a crappy parking job
Added: 24th April 2011
Views: 1774
Comments: 0

Don't you just hate these guys, ok girls too. I admit yes it is a nice car, but this is a jerk parking attitude to have since everyone knows you are just showing off your car and you are liable to get the wrong type of attention like a nice key right down the side of it, hope you have good...

Tags: nice car crap parking good insurance