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Guy wins Lottery twice in 1 day
Added: 28th July 2009
Views: 2160
Comments: 0

This guy first wins $1,000 on a scratch off ticket, then takes it back to get more tickets and wins the big $1 Million , all in the same day!

Tags: lucky lottery guy scratch ticket lottery
Bow Hunter bags a 30 point Buck
Added: 24th September 2009
Views: 2546
Comments: 0

This lucky old deer hunter bags a 30 point buck with his bow!

Tags: huge deer buck 30 point buck bow hunt
The Unlucky Game show Guy
Added: 22nd October 2009
Views: 1514
Comments: 0

I had to watch this twice, I just couldn't believe how unlucky he was on this game show, how embarrassing

Tags: unlucky game show guy
Construction around a BMW Car
Added: 15th November 2009
Views: 1743
Comments: 0

Now this is a what you call a lucky person, having construction take place all around your BMW instead of just having it destroyed

Tags: BMW car construction lucky
Crazy video of a car impaled on highway
Added: 20th May 2011
Views: 1485
Comments: 1

This guy just happened to be filming a couple of trucks on the road when his car was impaled by a piece of wood on the highway. talk about being a very lucky person as it would have been all over if that would have hit him

Tags: crazy video car impaled lucky guy
Lucky strike an American original
Added: 15th June 2011
Views: 1648
Comments: 1

Lucky strike cigarette are an American original, however they are made in India, so we probably ship our tobacco out to India and let them do the work and then ship it all back to American, nice.....

Tags: lucky strike cigarettes American made in India
Now is your commute to work that bad
Added: 29th November 2011
Views: 1521
Comments: 0

All you ever hear about on the news, Facebook, and Twitter is people complaining about something and many times it is about their commute to work. With this economy I guess you should feel lucky to have a job, but check out this crazy picture of a bunch of people on their commute to work, is...

Tags: commute to work funny picture Facebook job crazy picture
Crazy video of snowmobile crash
Added: 8th January 2012
Views: 3515
Comments: 1

You have to watch this crazy video, I guarantee you have rarely seen a snowmobile crash video like this so clear this guy is very lucky to be alive at all really. I think the poor machine is an Artic Cat

Tags: crazy video snowmobile crash video Artic Cat
Stupid Game Show Answers
Added: 18th September 2012
Views: 5173
Comments: 1

Crazy video of some very luck game show contestants that give the most stupid answers and still win.

Tags: game shows stupid answers win crazy video lucky game show lucky