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Obesity Epedimic Infographic
Added: 31st January 2011
Views: 1529
Comments: 0

Crazy facts on just how bad the obesity epidemic is here in the United States, people need to lay off of the cheeseburgers and apple pie every once in a while I guess. Brought to you by medicalcoding.org

Tags: obesity epidemic
Amazing Information on Cellphone Usage
Added: 31st January 2011
Views: 1810
Comments: 0

Just how much do we rely on our cellphones everyday, from texting, to checking email, to even once in a while making a phone call? Check out these amazing factoids Brought to you by onlineitdegree.com

Tags: cellphone usage information infographic texting
Infographic about birth facts
Added: 8th February 2011
Views: 1548
Comments: 0

Interesting infographic on birth facts in the United States, avg hair color, weight, birth defects, etc....

Tags: birth facts United States infographic
Valentines Day facts about Money
Added: 11th February 2011
Views: 2134
Comments: 0

Check out this great infographic with many interesting facts on just how much money is spent on Valentines day and on what exactly.

Tags: valentines day infographic valentines facts
Charlie Sheen is WINNING
Added: 7th April 2011
Views: 1485
Comments: 2

A very funny infographic about just how much Charlie Sheen really is Winning! I think he is a nut job and wouldn't doubt if he is found dead from an overdose this year. Sad, but more likely than not at this point

Tags: Charlie Sheen winning nut job
Masturbation facts and stats
Added: 2nd May 2011
Views: 1886
Comments: 0

Interesting infographic about masturbation facts and stats you might find surprising... or maybe you won't.

Tags: masturbation facts mastrubation stats
How to fix any computer
Added: 29th May 2011
Views: 2342
Comments: 2

A quick infographic how to on how to fix any computer, it doesn't matter if it is a Microsoft Windows, Apple, or even a Linux computer.

Tags: fix computer Microsoft Apple Linux computer fix
2012 Olympics infographic facts
Added: 27th July 2012
Views: 4413
Comments: 0

An nice infographic for facts on the 2012 Olympics in London

Tags: Olympics 2012 facts London facts