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Charlie Sheen is WINNING
Added: 7th April 2011
Views: 1530
Comments: 2

A very funny infographic about just how much Charlie Sheen really is Winning! I think he is a nut job and wouldn't doubt if he is found dead from an overdose this year. Sad, but more likely than not at this point

Tags: Charlie Sheen winning nut job
Be a part of Team Sheen
Added: 15th May 2011
Views: 664
Comments: 0

Charlie Sheen is always 'winning', and now you can be a part of Team Sheen with your very own funny TShirt

Tags: Charlie Sheen Team Sheen winning funny Tshirt
Hot beer get your Hot Beer here
Added: 5th November 2011
Views: 951
Comments: 0

ah, you know the feeling, a hot summer day, you've been working hard outside and you just want a nice cold Hot Beer? I don't know who made this stupid sign, but they are not winning, they are for sure FAILing

Tags: hot beer stupid sign not winning beer
Guys fails at sneaking a skirt peek
Added: 12th November 2011
Views: 2599
Comments: 1

Check out this guy trying to sneek a little peek up this cute babes skirt while she is innocently on her computer. Although I certainly can't say I blame him for trying since she has made it so easy, I am going to say he FAILS since he is busted on camera. Or perhaps the look was worth it and...

Tags: skirt peek sneak peek upskirt guy fails fail