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Waffle Tetris Game
Added: 15th December 2009
Views: 1966
Comments: 0

If you like the classic Tetris game, you're going to love playing Waffle Tetris and you won't be hungry either!

Tags: waffle Tetris game Tetris
Funny Pizza Sign
Added: 30th January 2011
Views: 1884
Comments: 1

mmmm, anyone hungry for some good Herpes Pizza. They say location is the most important factor in starting your business, I would say picking a good name is a close second!

Tags: funny pizza sign pizza sign herpes sign
Quality can production job here
Added: 5th December 2011
Views: 1977
Comments: 0

You get home finally ready to open that nice can of mush Sardines, you tongue is watering to bite into those soft bones, but when you open the can you find out that quality control was very lacking and instead you got a can of a can, great job guys, no you are going to go hungry.

Tags: sardines can quality quality control job
Funny Flow Chart When you are Hungry
Added: 27th August 2012
Views: 4932
Comments: 0

A funny flow chart showing just how you look for food in your house when you are hungry and pretty much know you have nothing good to eat.

Tags: funny flow chart hungry funny flow chart
When Animals Attack Stupid People
Added: 9th February 2013
Views: 4470
Comments: 0

I have to say I agree with this funny sign, animals are animals and they obviously will attack when they feel threatened or are hungry so really it is about the stupid people

Tags: Animals Attack Stupid People Funny Sign
Tricky Sharks are Hungry and Waiting
Added: 19th March 2013
Views: 6132
Comments: 1

A funny picture showing just how clever and tricky Sharks can be when they are hungry.

Tags: Funny Picture Sharks Hungry Clever
Punography not Pornography
Added: 21st October 2014
Views: 4398
Comments: 1

Punography not Pornography. So what does a clock do when it is hungry you ask

Tags: Punography Pornography