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SpongeBob finds a Hot Girlfriend
Added: 9th September 2009
Views: 2880
Comments: 1

Finally , poor little SpongeBob has found himself a babe for a girlfriend so he can't stop hanging out with gay Patrick all the time

Tags: spongebob girlfriend babe Patrick
Woman with Cardboard Boyfriend
Added: 28th September 2009
Views: 1916
Comments: 0

Support the troops, you too can carry around a cardboard cutout of your boyfriend or girlfriend who is away serving their country

Tags: cardboard boyfriend support the troops
Mel Gibson Phone Call Rant
Added: 10th July 2010
Views: 5884
Comments: 7

yes yes, Mel Gibson evidently hasn't learned his lesson, listen to this actual phone call he had wife his wife girlfriend whoever she is, calling her all sorts of names and how she is going to get raped. Warning, there is much profanity

Tags: Mel Gibson asshole phone call profanity rant
Describe things OTHER than your girlfriend
Added: 18th September 2013
Views: 6489
Comments: 1

A funny video from the show Whos Line Is It Anyway that asks the question to describe something that does not apply to your girlfriend.

Tags: Funny Video Whos Line Is It Anyway Describe Girlfriend
Sunbathing Babe Snake Prank Video
Added: 2nd April 2013
Views: 6605
Comments: 0

If your topless girlfriend is sleeping in the sun, happily dreaming away and lounging in the land of slumber, don't let her just get away with it, instead put a giant snake next to her to ensure she gets a rude awakening. She'll love it!

Tags: Babe Snake Prank Sleeping Sunbathing rude awakening Funny Video
My Girlfriend and Your Girlfriend funny sign
Added: 9th December 2011
Views: 2479
Comments: 1

Just a funny sign showing the difference between My Girlfriend and Your Girlfriend.

Tags: my girlfriend your girlfriend funny sign
The value of a good and sexy girlfriend
Added: 16th December 2011
Views: 2317
Comments: 0

So, you have probably never thought about it much, but a good and sexy girlfriend can actually save you a lot of space on your computer hard drive. I will leave the interpretation to you.

Tags: sexy girlfriend computer hard drive good girl
Overly Attached Girlfriend Video Spoof
Added: 14th September 2012
Views: 4904
Comments: 1

A funny video of a girl doing a spoof to the Call Me Maybe song and she certainly is a stalker or an overly attached girlfriend.

Tags: funny video overly attached girlfriend call me maybe video spoof funny stalker
My Girlfriends point of View
Added: 20th May 2014
Views: 5166
Comments: 0

I wish I could see things from her point of view, but it is very distracting.

Tags: Girlfriend Point of View
Girlfriend in heels gets slutty in bed
Added: 12th September 2016
Views: 9505
Comments: 0

Girlfriend in heels gets slutty in bed

Tags: girlfriend heels slutty bed