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Drunk Paris Hilton
Added: 14th October 2008
Views: 5144
Comments: 2

Paris Hilton parties, gets drunk on her birthday and does some singing. I guess when you are Paris or have that much money you can pretty much do what you want.... right? I think she has learned that lesson, or maybe not

Tags: Paris Hilton drunk birthday
Woman has 3rd Child on the same day
Added: 16th December 2009
Views: 2834
Comments: 0

This woman has her 3rd child on the same birthday as her other 2 and it wasn't planned or C section etc.. all natural, now that is just crazy, what are the changes of that I wonder

Tags: crazy video birthday video woman birth
Suprise birthday party funny comic
Added: 12th November 2011
Views: 2193
Comments: 0

A funny comic, it took me a few seconds to 'get it', but I did. Basically the brother is a twin meaning he has the same birthday as his brother, but he is the one helping set it up.

Tags: funny comic birthday party suprise twin brother
Nice deer buck on my game camera
Added: 2nd January 2012
Views: 3859
Comments: 1

I got a game camera for my birthday and just a few days later my first deer picture on it is a very nice buck right behind my house.

Tags: deer buck game camera
Amazing HD Videos of the Web
Added: 15th February 2013
Views: 7800
Comments: 1

Over 200 Amazing HD Videos of the web all in a 10 minute compilation. Well worth taking the time to watch what people can accomplish.

Tags: Amazing Videos HD Videos On the Web
Birthday statistics funny picture
Added: 3rd May 2012
Views: 5263
Comments: 0

A funny picture with a very obvious statistic based on birthdays, those who have more of them live longer!

Tags: funny picture birthday statistics
Birthday Sluts teasing in their lingerie
Added: 27th July 2016
Views: 9546
Comments: 0

Birthday Sluts teasing in their lingerie and it is working for me

Tags: sluts teasing lingerie