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Stupid Guy on Bike
Added: 9th August 2008
Views: 2239
Comments: 0

wow, now this is going to leave a mark for sure ;) How many stupid guys do we have to see on thier bikes or.... maybe he just lost his contact lens when making the jump and is just looking for it, see we all tend to jump to conclusions around these pictures without thinking about all the...

Tags: stupid guy bike accident
Pornstar or Tennis Player
Added: 23rd September 2008
Views: 1733
Comments: 0

This girl moans after every stroke and sound like she is thinking about something else, maybe she is one of those voice overs you always hear on those movies? I mean that's what I have been told by people who have watched those movies anyway.

Tags: pornstar tennis player
Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina
Added: 13th August 2008
Views: 2573
Comments: 1

Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question or should I say TRIES to answer a question, wonder why people around the world are thinking we are stupid or something? I mean this really hurts to watch, it is almost too hard to laugh because you actually start feeling sorry for her and her...

Tags: Miss Teen USA 2007 South Carolina stupid answser
Rejected Olympic Sport: Toddler Tossing
Added: 18th August 2008
Views: 3102
Comments: 1

Now here are a couple of idiot guys that aren't thinking this all the way through. These guys would definitely be contenders if toddler tossing was an Olympic sport. Instead they are one bad throw from having DCFS knocking down the door. What I think is the funniest are the drunk bitcXes in the...

Tags: toddler tossing crazy video
Girl with Big Juggs
Added: 29th August 2008
Views: 2773
Comments: 1

This girl has the biggest jugs I have ever seen. Ok, so it probably isn't what you were thinking or what you wanted, but funny for sure!

Tags: big juggs girl with big juggs juggs
Fence Treated with Lubricant
Added: 8th September 2008
Views: 2199
Comments: 1

Now I have seen some fairly strange fetishes in my day, but what are they thinking here, is there really a high demand for fence f'ing? Ok, if I am now being logical , I am guessing they are trying to prevent people from climbing it, but aren't there better ways to accomplish that task? I can...

Tags: lubricant fence funny sign
Penis Banana
Added: 18th September 2008
Views: 4131
Comments: 2

Well, I guess the title says it all really. If not let me try again, here we have a Banana that has been sculpted to look like a penis. I am thinking we humans could find better things to do with our time. And yes, I did have to look up how to spell Banana.

Tags: penis banana
Cool Gun Bag
Added: 13th July 2009
Views: 2293
Comments: 1

Probably not what you were thinking as far as a gun bag goes, but some clever store got creative in their marketing dept to come up with this cool gun bag.

Tags: cool gun bag gun bag
Dual Urinal for Two
Added: 6th October 2009
Views: 4859
Comments: 1

WTF is this all about, I don't think so! A urinal for two what are they thinking? Dual gay urinal perhaps

Tags: funny dual urinal funny urinal urinal
Amanda Bynes Career
Added: 19th July 2010
Views: 3084
Comments: 1

Well, we will leave this question up to our loyal aysos fans, which is/was shorter, her short Skirts or her Career? Which will you miss more, I am guessing everyone will say her Career...... maybe not, thinking more people will miss her long legs

Tags: Amanda Bynes sexy skirt long legs