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Baggage Cart Sucked into Engine
Added: 12th May 2009
Views: 2221
Comments: 1

A large baggage container was sucked into the engine of a large jet at Los Angeles airport, LAX

Tags: jet engine large jet LAX Los Angeles
Where do you get your drugs
Added: 30th March 2009
Views: 2013
Comments: 0

Why not just go down to your local stoner store and buy in bulk, bring your own baggie, its better for the environment

Tags: drug store stoner funny store
Douche Bag Defined
Added: 7th April 2009
Views: 3972
Comments: 2

Now here is how you define what a real douche bag is complete with graphics and labeling

Tags: douche bag defined funny guy
Disposable Bullshit Bag
Added: 23rd April 2009
Views: 3502
Comments: 1

A great idea I could use a disposable bullshit bag every day I am at work, I know I heard enough ***** from them to fill a few of these bags.

Tags: bullshit bag bag o shit
Cool Gun Bag
Added: 13th July 2009
Views: 2312
Comments: 1

Probably not what you were thinking as far as a gun bag goes, but some clever store got creative in their marketing dept to come up with this cool gun bag.

Tags: cool gun bag gun bag
Bow Hunter bags a 30 point Buck
Added: 24th September 2009
Views: 2507
Comments: 0

This lucky old deer hunter bags a 30 point buck with his bow!

Tags: huge deer buck 30 point buck bow hunt
Kids Put Car Air Bag in Couch. There Buddy Had  No Clue What Happened
Added: 19th June 2010
Views: 816
Comments: 0

This kid never thought there would be a remote control air bag in the couch when he sat down to play video games.

Tags: funny WTF
Anti theft sandwich bag
Added: 11th April 2011
Views: 1421
Comments: 0

Tired of people stealing your lunch from the frig at work? Well, introducing the all new and improved zip lock anti theft sandwich bag complete with fake mold spots

Tags: anti theft sandwich bag
Stupid sign bags are not kids toys
Added: 19th January 2012
Views: 3809
Comments: 0

Here is another example of a stupid sign on a bag letting you know that it is not a kids toy and that you shouldnt put it on your head. The only reason they have to post these signs is because stupid people of killed themselves in the past.

Tags: stupid sign bags are not toys kids toys bag on head
Bag of Chips Air is Not Free
Added: 20th January 2013
Views: 4573
Comments: 1

Everyone who has ever bought a nice big bag of potato chips knows that air is really not free!

Tags: Potato Chips Bag of Air Free Air