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Funny Commercial
Added: 11th August 2008
Views: 2575
Comments: 0

A hottie on the prowl for a man gets denied by the "ugly" girl next door type with glasses because of her unique talent.... uhh... wow, gals, practice this and get any guy you want!

Tags: funny commercial sexy commercial hottie
Jihads got Talent
Added: 23rd May 2011
Views: 2470
Comments: 0

Americas got talent and even the Jihads got talent too, just check them out here with their guns and even a nice logo in their background, what a bunch of idiots

Tags: jihads got talent Jihad talent
Hot cup of Starbucks coffee
Added: 28th May 2011
Views: 1548
Comments: 0

When I say a hot cup of Starbucks coffee, I don't completely mean the temperature, now this takes some talent.... I guess...

Tags: Starbucks Coffee hot coffee coffee
Social media stereotypes
Added: 3rd November 2011
Views: 1410
Comments: 1

What do the various social media stereotypes look like? say for Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc... A very creative and talented design for a funny picture.

Tags: social media stereotypes Facebook Google Twitter
Great NCIS sketch of characters
Added: 11th December 2011
Views: 2405
Comments: 1

Now this person has some real talent by drawing this crazy realistic sketch of the NCIC cast of characters.

Tags: NCIS drawing sketch talent NCIS drawing NCIS characters NCIS cast
Funny Jeep Wrangler Extreme Jeepin
Added: 15th September 2012
Views: 5510
Comments: 1

Check out this kid on his toy Jeep riding up a real Jeep Wrangler, the kid certainly has the right idea and some talent, he already knows how to go out Jeepin

Tags: Jeep Jeep Wrangler Jeepin Kid Funny
Emma Watson Sketch Drawing
Added: 2nd October 2012
Views: 5824
Comments: 1

An amazing video showing a very talented person drawing a sketch of the beautiful Emma Watson

Tags: Emma Watson Sketch Amazing Video Drawing Emma Watson Video