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Funny BlondeStar
Added: 21st August 2008
Views: 2669
Comments: 1

A spoof of the OnStar commercials with a stereotypical dumb blonde

Tags: funny blondestar commercial
I love NY Terrorist
Added: 13th July 2009
Views: 2592
Comments: 1

Yes, I know before you send me the nasty messages, this is a stereotype and he is likely a perfectly good family loving guy, but it is funny, ok, leave it at that

Tags: Love NY funny Terrorist
Super Stereo Feel the Bass
Added: 26th November 2009
Views: 4641
Comments: 0

Now I bet quite a bit of money and time went into this crazy stereo setup and I am sure you can feel the bass

Tags: super stereo feel the bass stereo
United States map of shame
Added: 30th April 2011
Views: 1774
Comments: 1

A very cool map of the Unites States showing each state what is it shamed about, for instance what state is the dumbest, Maine. Hey, I live in Maine! Funny map and scarily accurate at least based on stereotypes, so what is your state worst at?

Tags: United States map of shame United States map
Social media stereotypes
Added: 3rd November 2011
Views: 1878
Comments: 1

What do the various social media stereotypes look like? say for Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc... A very creative and talented design for a funny picture.

Tags: social media stereotypes Facebook Google Twitter
The world in Two Minutes United States
Added: 5th November 2013
Views: 5428
Comments: 0

A funny video about the World and different cultures all in 2 minutes - this one is about the United States and the various stereotypes.

Tags: Funny Video United States The World Cultures Stereotypes