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Great Husband
Added: 19th September 2008
Views: 2501
Comments: 1

Now here is a guy who has his priorities straight for being a husband. Here he is sitting back on his fat ass smoking a cigarette while making his wife row the boat down the river. Man, looks like she is like 4 feet out of the water because of him.

Tags: husband wife row boat boat
Michael Phelps and NBC Host Smoking Pot
Added: 16th March 2009
Views: 1646
Comments: 0

Michael Phelps and NBC Host Caught Smoking Pot During Interview

Tags: michael phelps smoking pot
No Smoking propane tank Stupid guy
Added: 21st February 2011
Views: 2006
Comments: 1

Check out this stupid guy, I mean they couldn't make the No Smoking sign any larger could they? Yet, here he is trying to block the wind to get his cigarette lit right in front of the highly flammable gas tank.

Tags: stupid guy no smoking gas tank
Funny No Smoking sign
Added: 18th October 2011
Views: 1347
Comments: 1

Funny sign, no smoking, well unless of course you are on fire in which case you can't help it and they won't hold you accountable.

Tags: funny sign no smoking fire
Funny sign Dont smoke in my office
Added: 18th November 2011
Views: 1408
Comments: 1

Here is a funny sign spelling out exactly why there is no smoking in my office

Tags: no smoking funny sign my office
Do cigarettes really kill you
Added: 4th January 2012
Views: 2889
Comments: 0

Check out this woman, she is in her prime at a young age of 48 and still smoking cigarettes, now ask yourself if they really kill you

Tags: cigarettes kill young age young woman
Funny picture anti smoking marketing
Added: 30th January 2012
Views: 3818
Comments: 1

A very clever and funny picture for an anti smoking marketing campaign. Cigarettes are nasty kids so keep them out of your mouth!

Tags: funny picture anti smoking smoking cigarettes marketing campaign
Smoking in public places the future
Added: 26th February 2012
Views: 3811
Comments: 0

A funny picture to show just what smoking in public places might look like with your very own little smoking POD

Tags: smoking smoking in public funny picture the future
Gangnam Style Not Allowed Funny Sign
Added: 19th November 2012
Views: 4982
Comments: 0

A funny sign that shows smoking, littering, spitting, and even Gangnam style is not allowed

Tags: Gangnam Style Funny Sign No Smoking Gangnam
Funny No Smoking Sign Dog Poop
Added: 15th May 2014
Views: 5209
Comments: 0

A funny sign that should be obvious to say No Smoking and surely nothing about no Dog Poop

Tags: Funny Sign No Smoking Dog Poop Dog Poop Smoking