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Simple Math
Added: 20th September 2008
Views: 3450
Comments: 1

I thought this was super funny, wish I would have thought of this when I was back in school dragging my way through math class. Find X, no problem, its right there!

Tags: demotivational poster math
Firepit Grill from Shopping Cart
Added: 17th August 2009
Views: 2147
Comments: 1

Now this is being creative, you have a problem of how to cook your meat over your fire pit, but you don't have a grill grate large enough, simple , just steal a shopping cart and throw it up there

Tags: firepit grill shopping cart grill grill firepit
The Relationship Grid
Added: 22nd August 2010
Views: 1748
Comments: 0

Every possible variable figured out in any relationship in a simple easy to understand grid layout. From marriage, dating, to F-Buddy, here is your guide

Tags: relationship grid marriage guide guide
Funny Dog Flashlight Vet
Added: 23rd January 2011
Views: 3066
Comments: 0

This poor little dog goes to the vet for a simple checkup, when all of a sudden he finds out he has a big flashlight problem between his mouth and.....

Tags: funny dog vet checkup
Obama shoots Bin Laden with controller
Added: 9th May 2011
Views: 1599
Comments: 1

Now that we zoon in on the actual meeting footage of when Osama Bin Laden was killed we can clearly see that President Obama took a hands on role in the mission, with a simple game controller he took the fatal shots.

Tags: Obama killed Bin Laden game controller
Funny picture go Green
Added: 28th September 2011
Views: 1052
Comments: 0

A funny picture telling nothing but the truth about all the simple things we could all do to make a difference in the world by being just a little more green.

Tags: funny picture go green
Steve Jobs Apple Logo RIP
Added: 8th October 2011
Views: 1272
Comments: 0

Steve Jobs will be missed by some, dismissed by others, and is revered by most. I am not sure who to give credit for this simple ingenious new logo tribute, but it is truly amazing because of its simplicity and the way it shows how Steve was such a part of Apple. RIP

Tags: Steve Jobs Apple logo Apple RIP
Amazing door lock design
Added: 18th October 2011
Views: 1257
Comments: 1

This is one of those ideas you wish you came up with, for all the times you have tried to find the key hole and all it would take is something as simple as this.

Tags: lock design amazing door lock
Apple slide to unlock idea
Added: 13th November 2011
Views: 1185
Comments: 1

Where exactly did Apple come up with the simple but ingeinous idea of sliding to unlock your iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc..? Well here is a quick funny picture showing just how they did it.

Tags: Apple slide to unlock iPhone iPad iPod
Four types of people in the world
Added: 18th November 2011
Views: 994
Comments: 0

For those that didn't know there are four types of people in the world and here is a funny picture to describe them all to you in simple terms

Tags: funny picture types of people simple terms