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Swine Flu Symptoms vs Mexico Trip
Added: 23rd May 2009
Views: 2762
Comments: 1

A list of symptoms you may experience if you have the swine flu vs if you just take a trip to Mexico

Tags: swine flu symptoms Mexico flu symptoms
Celebrity Kate Beckinsale
Added: 7th November 2008
Views: 4717
Comments: 1

Sexy celebrity Kate Beckinsale shows off her long legs in these striped sexy lingerie stockings

Tags: Kate Beckinsale celebrity long legs sexy lingerie stockings
Free Strips of Paper Sign
Added: 18th May 2010
Views: 2655
Comments: 0

I'm not sure how I feel about this one, it somewhat concerns me that not only would somebody think about doing this free strips of paper sign, but more scary is the fact that there is one missing!!

Tags: funny sign free paper
Sexual Harassment in the workplace
Added: 28th January 2009
Views: 6249
Comments: 2

I feel sorry for this guy, I mean how many times does this happen to every guy out there, and of course she just happens to be the in the way when you trip and your pants fall down. People get all bent out of shape like you really meant to fall and get in trouble for sexual harassment. by the...

Tags: sexual harassment funny picture
Foxhole Exotic Dancers
Added: 3rd March 2011
Views: 2736
Comments: 0

Really, a place called 'The Foxhole' exotic dancers are looking to hire just 1 pretty stripper babe, but 2 ugly dancers? Shouldn't it be the other way around at least?

Tags: foxhole sexy dancers exotic dancers funny sign
Jessica Biel as a Stripper
Added: 1st September 2009
Views: 3224
Comments: 0

Jessica Biel plays a stripper on her new movie, check her out, wow

Tags: jessica biel stripper
Funny Subway Stripper Prank
Added: 22nd September 2009
Views: 4084
Comments: 0

Hot babe strips on the subway as a prank on these riders

Tags: funny subway stripper prank
Stripping never know what you might get
Added: 16th February 2010
Views: 5486
Comments: 0

Babe strips down after a hot date, and let's just say it is not what you expected

Tags: stripping babe strange
Pit Bull Rips off a Cops Bumper
Added: 1st April 2010
Views: 1336
Comments: 0

Now that is one mean ass pit bull! Clearly doesn't like cops.

Tags: cops video dog pit bull
Sex Show school field trip
Added: 2nd September 2010
Views: 5095
Comments: 1

Really? A school field trip to the nudity bar to see a sex show? First of all my field trips were never that good, second, who signed that permission slip, and third, look at the price of gas!!

Tags: school sex field trip school field trip