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Do what your boss says
Added: 24th July 2008
Views: 2406
Comments: 1

This guys did his job and changed the sign just like his boss said, at least he was creative about it

Tags: funny sign creative sign boss
Katy Perry Schoolgirl
Added: 19th September 2008
Views: 4047
Comments: 2

By now everyone knows who Katy Perry is, with her hit song I kissed a girl. Cute picture of Katy licking on a lollipop. Her real name was Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson however she changed her last name because she didn't want to use Kate Hudson

Tags: Katy Perry singer schoolgirl lollipop
Wassup B
Added: 3rd November 2008
Views: 1536
Comments: 0

Wassup B, It's been 8 years and a lot has changed. Change is good!

Tags: Wassup B
Computer Programming Help Wanted
Added: 29th March 2009
Views: 2068
Comments: 0

My, how times have changed, not sure when this came out, but I am guessing before 1975, computer programmer came back up to $12,000 a year wow...

Tags: computer programmer old help wanted
Vintage Hard Drive
Added: 30th August 2009
Views: 2140
Comments: 1

An old Advertisement for a Radio Shack 15MB hard drive that costs $3,000, amazing how times have changed.

Tags: vintage hard drive advertisement radio shack
How much have cell phones changed
Added: 3rd December 2009
Views: 2103
Comments: 1

Wow, I guess you don't realize it until you actually see how much cell phones have changed over the years, just look at the size they started at and what they are today

Tags: cell phones over the years
House vs Jennifer Aniston
Added: 3rd December 2010
Views: 2469
Comments: 0

How times have changed, check out this funny picture screen capture from an old episode of friends with Hugh Laurie (House) and Jennifer Aniston

Tags: House Hugh Laurie Jennifer Aniston picture
Funny Vintage Computer Advertisement
Added: 17th January 2011
Views: 2144
Comments: 1

Times sure have changed for computers, but 2 bytes are better than 1 is still true I would say. Funny 1978 computer advertisement

Tags: funny computer advertisement
Songs that changed the world
Added: 18th December 2011
Views: 1659
Comments: 0

A interesting collection of the best songs that have literally changed the world over the years.

Tags: changed the world songs intestesting songs
Google before you speak Tweet
Added: 4th January 2012
Views: 2705
Comments: 1

We all know the saying Think Before you Speak, well in this new internet and better yet Twitter age, the saying should be changed to Google Before you Tweet. In other words people, get your facts straight before you go out tweeting about what you assume are facts!

Tags: Google Twitter think before you speak tweet internet age