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Funny Commercial
Added: 11th August 2008
Views: 3978
Comments: 0

A hottie on the prowl for a man gets denied by the "ugly" girl next door type with glasses because of her unique talent.... uhh... wow, gals, practice this and get any guy you want!

Tags: funny commercial sexy commercial hottie
Cyclops Glasses
Added: 23rd October 2008
Views: 3774
Comments: 1

Ok, I give up, now how the heck does these glasses work? The only way I could think is if you were a cyclops.

Tags: cyclops glasses cyclops
Looking at Boobs on the Internet
Added: 11th December 2008
Views: 3199
Comments: 0

Hmm... I wonder if this guy could be looking at a picture of boobs, not sure what makes me think that, but I guess I am very perceptive. hint, check the reflection in his glasses from the computer monitor.

Tags: computer reflection internet boobs
XRay Glasses Anyone
Added: 4th October 2009
Views: 3972
Comments: 0

What most men would do with xRay glasses for sure. With great power comes great responsibility..... blah blah blah, have fun instead

Tags: XRay Glasses
Guess what this nerd is surfing
Added: 17th March 2011
Views: 3142
Comments: 1

I'll give you three guesses what this nerd is surfing for on the internet and i'll even give you a hint (check out his glasses) I guess adult entertainment is what over 60% of internet traffic is about though. What is up with that monitor, does it really need that many vents, how hot can it get...

Tags: nerd surfing internet adult
Hot nurse and her Skeleton friend
Added: 23rd May 2011
Views: 65813
Comments: 4

A very hot nurse in glasses just doing her job at the doctors office when this skeleton guy gets a little fresh and starts grabbing her. Update, I have been informed that this is Spice Girl Geri Halliwell so I have moved this great picture into that category.

Tags: hot nurse skeleton doctors office Geri Halliwell Spice Girl
Censored  sunglasses
Added: 24th May 2011
Views: 2781
Comments: 0

Now you can buy your very own pair of censored sunglasses to make it look like you are censoring out your eyes. I wonder if Oakley makes these

Tags: censored sunglasses censored sunglasses
Amazing Sugar Plum Fairy video
Added: 13th December 2011
Views: 3802
Comments: 0

Now this is an amazing video of a duet playing the Sugar Plum Fairy using only glasses to make the music.

Tags: Sugar Plum Fairy amazing video played on glasses glass music
Baby toys and what they actually play with
Added: 18th December 2011
Views: 3127
Comments: 0

Funny picture depicting that there truly is a difference in baby toys compared to what they actually play with or at least want to play with, you know like your glasses and of course the TV remote control.

Tags: funny picture baby toys
Cool wine glass with built in straw
Added: 19th December 2011
Views: 5350
Comments: 3

Not sure why you would want to drink you wine out of a straw of any kind really, but here is a cool picture of some wine glasses with a built in straw.

Tags: wine glasses cool picture wine straw