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Internet Explorer Failed
Added: 24th October 2008
Views: 2686
Comments: 1

Microsoft Internet Explorer something failed error message, now that is funny, they let you know that for sure something has failed and is not working correctly, they just can't tell you what.

Tags: Microsoft Internet Explorer FAIL
Stupid Guy Failed Front Flip
Added: 7th December 2009
Views: 1527
Comments: 0

Guys will always try something stupid to impress the hot chick as seen here, check out his nice front flip off a clip and landing on his face

Tags: stupid guy flip fail
Drive Thru oops Picture
Added: 30th January 2011
Views: 1845
Comments: 1

When it said drive through she took it literally. And yes when I say "she" , I am fairly certain this was a woman driver - let me have the hate comments now....oops and FAIL

Tags: funny picture drive thru oops failed
Another Beauty Contestant Failure
Added: 16th September 2013
Views: 5342
Comments: 0

Yet another fail video showing a fine example of a Beauty Contestants failed response to an easy question.

Tags: Fail Video Beauty Contestant Failed Response Easy Question
Funny college article FAIL
Added: 2nd May 2011
Views: 1564
Comments: 0

Check out this chic who wrote an article all about how college isn't necessary, needless to say she failed!

Tags: funny article college article article fail fail
Funny sign driving carefully fail
Added: 4th January 2012
Views: 2842
Comments: 0

Check out this funny sign warning people to drive carefully, well, lets just say this guy failed for sure.

Tags: funny sign drive carefully warning people guy failed fail driving
Failed Jumping Off A Boat Picture
Added: 7th August 2012
Views: 4939
Comments: 0

If you are going to jump off of a boat and have your picture taken doing it you should probably make sure you dont fail at doing it. I guess 3 out of the 4 made it just fine. I like how she puts her hand down like the water is going to catch her. At least the bikini girl made it up in the air...

Tags: failed boat jumping boat water bikini girl
Watermelon Corn is so Delicious
Added: 3rd March 2013
Views: 6372
Comments: 1

Now here is your chance to be one of the few people in the world to ever taste watermelon corn and it is very delicious. Needless to say someone failed badly at doing their labeling job.

Tags: Watermelon Corn Failed Labeling