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I wanna be an Engineer Video
Added: 5th February 2011
Views: 2114
Comments: 0

Great spoof video, I want to be an Engineer so freaking bad! This is crazy funny, share it with your friends now!

Tags: funny video spoof wanna be an engineer spoof
German water over water bridge
Added: 20th August 2011
Views: 1749
Comments: 1

You have heard the term German engineering more than a few times in your life, well check out this bridge for boats that actually goes over the water itself. They have several different bridges just like this.

Tags: German bridge German engineering water bridge
Prodcut design and implementation
Added: 19th September 2011
Views: 1465
Comments: 1

Even those who are not in the design and implementation field know exactly how funny this picture is because it describes perfect how the process really goes. Doesn't matter in this case if you are the customer, the engineer, or on the sales team, we can all relate.

Tags: funny picture design implementation
Difference between Engineers and Managers
Added: 2nd February 2012
Views: 3722
Comments: 1

Here is a funny picture of a story that outlines just what the differences are between a manage and an engineer, and oh how it is so true.

Tags: funny picture manager engineer funny story story