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Airline Attendant Rap Song
Added: 18th May 2009
Views: 2380
Comments: 0

Airline attendant from Southwest does a rap song instead of the normal boring, wear your seat belt, etc.. talk. A very cool video

Tags: airline attendant rap song cool video
Finally the Sexy eye test
Added: 11th February 2009
Views: 11286
Comments: 1

I bet more men (ok and some women) would have much better sight and would get to the eye doctor much more if the test were more like this rather than those boring letters.

Tags: eye test sexy test
Funny Eye Test Sign
Added: 2nd June 2009
Views: 3106
Comments: 0

Instead of the normal boring random letters for an eye test why not make it interesting? oh, I guess because then you would know what to expect, ok, but funny anyway

Tags: funny eye test funny sign eye test
The Greek Weather Girl
Added: 28th October 2009
Views: 2335
Comments: 0

This Greek weather girls is a much better alternative to our boring bald American weather guys for sure, and who would even care if she was wrong about the weather.

Tags: Greek Weather Girl
Photography what a job
Added: 3rd December 2009
Views: 2566
Comments: 0

Now how in the world do you get this job, I personally always thought photography would be a boring job, but I guess I have been wrong all these years if you can get paid to take pictures of these nice butts

Tags: photography job nice butts
Keri Russell seductive look
Added: 26th January 2011
Views: 6855
Comments: 2

Just another boring Keri Russell picture with her sexy little pose and hot black silk stockings, nothing to see here, move along to the next video or picture.... you still looking.... good for you, she is a hottie

Tags: Keri Russell sexy celebrity stockings seductive
Elevator for smart people
Added: 16th May 2011
Views: 1595
Comments: 0

Instead of the standard boring floor buttons, in this elevator you need to be one of the smart people that can do math to figure out what floor you need

Tags: elevator smart people
AT&T TMobile merger funny cartoon
Added: 9th June 2011
Views: 1975
Comments: 0

A very well done and funny cartoon showing how the AT&T and TMobile merger may affect consumers. Here is the thing though, this is the same old boring argument that occurs every time any 2 competitors try to merge and for the most part it is baseless. There would be alot of efficiencies gained...

Tags: AT&T TMobile merger funny cartoon
Creative picture man power line structures
Added: 8th December 2011
Views: 2125
Comments: 0

Who says power line structures need to be boring and rectangular, why not have them look like men holding the power lines. I have also read that this design is more stable and about 10-15% cheaper to produce! Amazing what a little change can do.

Tags: power lines creative picture powerlines structure