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Funny IKEA Commercial
Added: 26th August 2008
Views: 4139
Comments: 1

Now ladies, we enjoy playing with your toys with you as much as you like using them, but you need to make sure you pick up your vibrators and other types of sexual toys when they are not in use. Very funny commercial from IKEA to prove this point!

Tags: funny ikea commercial sexual toys IKEA
Remember to pick up your toys
Added: 7th January 2009
Views: 4372
Comments: 1

Mental note, always pick up your sex toys before you get a picture and put it all over the internet... hahaha too funny

Tags: sex toy picture sex toys
Hooters Sign
Added: 5th November 2008
Views: 4001
Comments: 1

Hooter and a Toys R Us together, wow, someone didn't really think that one through all the way

Tags: Hooters Sign Toys R Us Hooters
The Best 1980s Toy The Lite Bright
Added: 2nd January 2010
Views: 2985
Comments: 1

Everyone who was growing up in the 80's will remember how great the lite bright was, the hottest toy, you had to have it, etc.. etc... man how stupid were we back then?

Tags: 1980s toy Lite Bright best toys
Party Girls play with Blowup Toy
Added: 13th October 2010
Views: 4011
Comments: 1

Just a few party girls having a good time at a party with their blow up toy penis

Tags: party girls blowup toy toy penis
Craigslist FAIL text message
Added: 15th November 2011
Views: 3401
Comments: 1

Now this is funny, this guy wants to buy a Toyota Prius from Craigslist, but his iPhone auto corrects the word Prius and makes the text message sound a bit creepy.

Tags: Craigslist FAIL text message Toyota Prius
Electric rubber ducky for the bath
Added: 12th December 2011
Views: 3330
Comments: 0

Now I certainly wouldn't put one of these electric rubber ducky toys in my kids bath, but to each their own I guess, weed out the gene pool at least.

Tags: rubber ducky electric ducky gene pool bath toy
Baby toys and what they actually play with
Added: 18th December 2011
Views: 3103
Comments: 0

Funny picture depicting that there truly is a difference in baby toys compared to what they actually play with or at least want to play with, you know like your glasses and of course the TV remote control.

Tags: funny picture baby toys
Santa Claus gets mid air refueling
Added: 27th December 2011
Views: 3675
Comments: 1

Check out this funny picture, even the great toy creator Santa Claus needs a mid air refueling every now and then

Tags: Santa Claus funny picture refueling
Stupid sign bags are not kids toys
Added: 19th January 2012
Views: 5094
Comments: 0

Here is another example of a stupid sign on a bag letting you know that it is not a kids toy and that you shouldnt put it on your head. The only reason they have to post these signs is because stupid people of killed themselves in the past.

Tags: stupid sign bags are not toys kids toys bag on head