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Funny IKEA Commercial
Added: 26th August 2008
Views: 4106
Comments: 1

Now ladies, we enjoy playing with your toys with you as much as you like using them, but you need to make sure you pick up your vibrators and other types of sexual toys when they are not in use. Very funny commercial from IKEA to prove this point!

Tags: funny ikea commercial sexual toys IKEA
IKEA sells huge hot dogs
Added: 30th August 2011
Views: 2703
Comments: 0

We all know IKEA as the neat furniture store that always has something everyone likes for a good price, well now you can buy huge hot dogs there as well... oh darn I see the fine print on the funny sign now that it is not actual size, man I thought it was real, good thing they point out that it...

Tags: IKEA furniture hot dog funny sign
IKEA job interview funny cartoon picture
Added: 7th February 2012
Views: 5966
Comments: 0

A funny cartoon picture of what an an interview for a job at IKEA would likely look like.

Tags: IKEA job interview funny picture cartoon funny