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The First Car GPS
Added: 30th November 2009
Views: 3622
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Go back 10 years and you can see what the prototype first automobile GPS system looked like, nothing like a big globe mounted to the dash of your car eh...

Tags: first car gps system GPS car GPS
Cool video of a GPS in an Airplane
Added: 9th March 2012
Views: 5438
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I have personally always wanted to try this and wondered what a GPS meant for a car would do in an Airplane, well here is a cool video of a Garmin GPS in an airplane.

Tags: cool videos Garmin GPS airplane GPS
Funny Picture Jesus is a GPS
Added: 10th September 2012
Views: 5645
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A funny picture about the Jesus is my GPS stickers you see on people cars. Don't get offended if you are a religious nut and can't take a joke.

Tags: funny picture Jesus GPS