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10 Optical Illusions in 2 Minutes
Added: 8th December 2009
Views: 2305
Comments: 0

This video was created by nerds who live in the Samsung dungeon, 1 mile below the earths crust. They attempt to show you 10 optical illusions in 2 minutes.

Tags: optical illusions
Earth hit my massive Asteroid
Added: 10th October 2010
Views: 3300
Comments: 1

A view from the moon if the earth were hit with a massive asteroid, I don't think it is realistic, but a neat and creative picture anyway

Tags: Earth asteroid picture asteroid earth hit by asteroid
Hot Sarah Michelle Gellar in Lingerie
Added: 31st October 2010
Views: 4820
Comments: 1

Sarah Michelle Gellar seems to have dropped off the face of the earth lately. Everyone knows her as the hot little blonde Buffy the Vampire slayer, well lets just say she is giving me a 'buffy' here....

Tags: Sarah Michelle Gellar Lingerie Buffy
Cool Earth picture with magma
Added: 4th May 2011
Views: 2318
Comments: 0

What would the Earth look like if it were cut open like a bowling ball, well you would see a lot of a liquid hot magma

Tags: cool earth picture magma core Earth
Group guitar playing crazy video
Added: 11th January 2012
Views: 4474
Comments: 0

An amazing video of 5 people playing a single guitar for the song Walk off the Earth Gotye - Cover

Tags: crazy video guitar playing group of people Walk off the Earth Gotye - Cover
Happy Earth Day Go Green
Added: 22nd April 2013
Views: 7552
Comments: 0

Happy Earth Day 2013 everyone. Remember we only have this one planet and while I am by no means a tree hugger, we do need to do what we can to protect our home in space.

Tags: Earth Day 2013 Go Green Earth
Happy Mayan Day To All
Added: 21st December 2012
Views: 5632
Comments: 0

Well I guess if I am writing this and you are ready it then we all know that today is Mayan day or the end of the world so here is a funny old time cartoon picture to keep you smiling until the very end.

Tags: Mayan Day End of the World Earth Shattering Kaboom Funny Picture
Amazing Time Lapse Video Earth rotation
Added: 6th November 2014
Views: 5370
Comments: 1

This amazing time lapse video shows the earth rotation rather than the stars like you normally see.

Tags: Earth Rotation Time Lapse Video Star
Aliens find Humans have issues
Added: 5th February 2015
Views: 4771
Comments: 0

Aliens view the earth and spy on us from their spaceship find our traditions have issues. And given what they are seeing who can blame them

Tags: aliens earth humans spaceship funny picture