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A world Record 41.45 pound Trout
Added: 12th September 2009
Views: 3734
Comments: 1

A Michigan man has set the world record for the largest Brown Trout ever, weighing in at 41.45 pounds.

Tags: record brown trout brown trout record trout
New World Record on Guitar Hero
Added: 20th September 2009
Views: 2593
Comments: 0

A 12 year old kid has just broken the world record by scoring over 1 Million points on the well known game Guitar Hero

Tags: guitar hero world record
Do The Pokemon
Added: 12th October 2009
Views: 1911
Comments: 0

wtf, check out this guy, he wants to be the very best. I guess at the very least this took guts to actually record and put out on the net

Tags: funny pokemon guy
World record smallest aquarium
Added: 23rd March 2011
Views: 3195
Comments: 0

This is not a photo shop trick, this is actually a picture of the world's smallest aquarium complete with fish, check it out on the Guinness records if you don't believe me. An aquarium with fish and only 10ml of water, amazing.

Tags: smallest aquarium world record Guinness book of records
Man deer hunting or bear man hunting
Added: 25th November 2011
Views: 2595
Comments: 1

Check out this crazy video of a man in his tree stand hunting for a deer when he records a bear in the distance that decides to climb his ladder stand and gets a little too close. This guy is as calm as they come. Notice how the bear tracked his scent all the way to the stand, think the bear...

Tags: deer hunting crazy video bear tree stand
Blake Lively and her Valentines day
Added: 3rd February 2012
Views: 4090
Comments: 0

Blake Lively is here in this interview video speaking about Valentine’s Day, recording the 100 episode of her successful TV series Gossip Girl and also explaining why she does not use Twitter like many of her co-stars.

Tags: Blake Lively Valentines day interview video Gossip Girl Twitter