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Boobie Bottle Opener
Added: 9th November 2008
Views: 4732
Comments: 0

And you guys thought you were cool because you could open a bottle with your lighter or your teeth, check out what she can do with her boobie, amazing.

Tags: Boobie Bottle Opener
Light Saber Cigarette Lighter
Added: 29th April 2009
Views: 2415
Comments: 0

Sometimes you just can't find that lighter for your cigarette, well, just pull out your handy dandy light saber and you are good to go!

Tags: light saber cigarette lighter
Megan Fox Lights her Tongue
Added: 14th October 2009
Views: 1879
Comments: 0

Not sure what the deal is here, but anything Megan Fox has to be posted, it is basically a man law at this point. Although not sure why she needs to hold a lighter to her tongue

Tags: megan fox tongue
Highlighter craziness
Added: 7th March 2011
Views: 1566
Comments: 0

Now it may just be me, but if you highlight EVERYTHING in the book, then doesn't that defeat the purpose, just craziness I tell you, this guy should be locked up

Tags: highlighter crazy book
Stealing BIC lighters is a bad idea
Added: 27th August 2011
Views: 1600
Comments: 0

A quick funny picture to sum up just exactly why stealing another guys BIC lighter is a very bad idea.

Tags: BIC lighter stealing funny picture