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Funny Garage
Added: 9th August 2008
Views: 2302
Comments: 0

Here is a guy or company who obviously didn't think this all the way through. Now that only leaves the question as too which part was stupid.... did the pole come first or the driveway?

Tags: stupid guy pole garage
The Bike Thief
Added: 1st June 2009
Views: 2038
Comments: 0

This guy leaves a funny note for whoever stole his bike and the thief actually writes back!

Tags: bike thief funny sign funny note funny
Great Deal on Leaves on CraigsList
Added: 30th November 2009
Views: 1922
Comments: 0

Check out this great deal for free leaves on Craigslist, get em now while they are still available. Next I am going to start selling clean dirt , or perhaps diet water

Tags: free leaves craigslist
Voyager 1 Leaves Solar System No Cell Service
Added: 3rd October 2013
Views: 5276
Comments: 0

A funny picture about how the Unites States probe Voyager 1 that was launched in 1977 has now left our solar system for deep space. Yet some of us still can't get a cellular signal in our own house!

Tags: Voyager 1 1977 Deep Space Cellular Signal United States
Nasty moldy bowl is almost alive
Added: 3rd May 2011
Views: 1913
Comments: 1

hahaha, a very nasty moldy bowl in a bathroom full of mold, spit, and only god knows what else. One roommate leaves a funny sign to figure out who's bowl it is and says it is almost F'ing alive!

Tags: moldy bowl nasty bathroom