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Crazy Indian Video Buffalaxed
Added: 15th September 2008
Views: 3516
Comments: 1

Crazy Indian video, not translated, but phonetically given English wording based on the sounds, very funny video.

Tags: crazy indian video Buffalaxed
Indian Boy Fingers Toes
Added: 18th November 2008
Views: 2786
Comments: 0

Indian Boy with 11 Fingers 13 Toes

Tags: Indian Boy Fingers Toes
Vegetarian Indian name for bad hunter
Added: 13th February 2012
Views: 5482
Comments: 1

A funny sign that shows the true translation of the word Vegetarian meaning that the person basically just cant hunt and thus is forced to eat grass.

Tags: Vegetarian funny sign Indian name bad hunter
Emma Watson Indian Style Stockings
Added: 3rd March 2013
Views: 8179
Comments: 0

Cute Emma Watson sitting almost full on India Style showing off how cute she is in her stockings.

Tags: Emma Watson Indian Style Stockings Cute