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Funny Sign - Frozen Stop Sign
Added: 22nd August 2008
Views: 2346
Comments: 2

Now this is how you know it is freaking cold where you are and probably shouldn't even be on the road.

Tags: funny stop sign frozen sign stop sign
No Freaking
Added: 30th October 2008
Views: 3929
Comments: 0

Funny sign, No Freaking allowed or you will be removed

Tags: no freaking funy sign
Christian Bale meets Bill OReilly
Added: 14th April 2009
Views: 1539
Comments: 0

Funny video mix from Christian Bale freaking out on his set along with Bill O'Reilly freaking out for the ultimate set freakout.

Tags: Christian Bale meets Bill O'Reilly
Mel Gibson is the Devil
Added: 25th July 2010
Views: 2060
Comments: 1

I have been saying it for a while now, even before his latest round of ranting. This guy is freaking Evil man, then I ran across this picture which proves my point, I mean if I found it on the internet it must be true right!?!?

Tags: Mel Gibson crazy rant Devil Picture
I wanna be an Engineer Video
Added: 5th February 2011
Views: 2114
Comments: 0

Great spoof video, I want to be an Engineer so freaking bad! This is crazy funny, share it with your friends now!

Tags: funny video spoof wanna be an engineer spoof
Crap Sandwiches on sale
Added: 3rd March 2011
Views: 1578
Comments: 0

wow, $20 freaking dollars for a crap sandwich really, I can't imagine what this would taste like nor why you would even order it, that is one funny receipt

Tags: crap sandwich funny receipt