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Ghetto Fishing
Added: 9th October 2008
Views: 2244
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Now I understand that not everybody has access to a nice big lake to do their fishing in, but even if you live in the ghetto I can't imagine this being your best possible option for catching fish, in a mud hole?

Tags: ghetto fishing mud hole
The Marlin Catcher
Added: 12th February 2011
Views: 1725
Comments: 1

The Hookem is an entirely invented nautical device to help catch fish (particularly Marlin) at sea. It is a humorous promotional sales video to try and reel in deep-sea sports fishermen who want to catch more fish but just don’t have the communication devices to afford them the time to stay at sea.

Tags: Fishing Sports Fishing Electronic Marlin Big Game Fishing Blue Marlin
Crazy ice fishing video
Added: 14th April 2011
Views: 2468
Comments: 1

Check out these crazy guys, ice fishing is cold enough as is, but what they do in this video is just crazy.

Tags: ice fishing crazy video fishing
Bird fishing for trout picture
Added: 22nd November 2011
Views: 1374
Comments: 1

Check out this bird grabbing a nice trout to eat, I think it is a hawk. What an awesome close up picture of nature in action.

Tags: awesome picture bird fishing trout hawk
Inverted Ice Fishing amazing video
Added: 10th January 2012
Views: 3032
Comments: 0

If you like ice fishing then you will find this video just amazing. Even if you don't know what ice fishing is you will be amazed at this. Basically these guys are under the water upside down fishing through the ice to the top.

Tags: ice fishing amazing video under water upside down inverted
Crazy Video of a Bird actually Fishing
Added: 27th August 2012
Views: 5127
Comments: 1

This is a crazy video of a very smart bird that is actually fishing to get his meal. He said why would I eat this bread when I can have fresh fish? I wonder if he has his fishing license though?

Tags: crazy video fishing bird fishing smart bird fresh fish fishing license
Went fishing and caught the big one
Added: 27th July 2016
Views: 7166
Comments: 0

Went fishing and caught the big one - big dildo that is

Tags: fishing big dildo funny