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AA Battery and Staple Make Fire
Added: 29th October 2008
Views: 1689
Comments: 0

Ever wondered how you could make a fire with a AA battery and a staple?.... me either, but I guess this could save your life or at least be a fun and dangerous trick while drinking

Tags: battery fire
Funny Made in Japan
Added: 29th October 2008
Views: 2420
Comments: 0

Made in Japan .... finished in China cell phone battery language

Tags: made in Japan funny battery finished in China
Kid Takes A FOUL BALL to The Head
Added: 12th September 2009
Views: 1569
Comments: 0

Kid Takes A FOUL BALL to The Head. When He Is In The Batter Box

Tags: foul ball batter
No love for dead battery
Added: 12th September 2011
Views: 1338
Comments: 0

This guy or maybe a gal had to leave their car at the meter for too long because of a dead battery, and even wrote a nice funny note asking to not get a ticket. The police gave them no love and wrote them up a ticket anway. Now, I am guessing they have seen this plot before without a doubt....

Tags: funny note funny police ticket dead battery
Cool battery salt and pepper shakers
Added: 7th December 2011
Views: 2153
Comments: 0

A cool picture showing a unique idea for some salt and pepper shakers that look like batteries.

Tags: cool picture salt and pepper shakers salt pepper shakers
Introducing the new Coffee Energy Mug
Added: 31st July 2012
Views: 4495
Comments: 0

Finally a battery company like Duracell has come up with a high powered Coffee Mug to get us through the day.

Tags: Duracell Coffee mug Energy mug funny picture
Video on How to Test a Battery
Added: 26th November 2013
Views: 5841
Comments: 0

A great and simple video showing you how to test a battery with NO tools, no meter, nothing.... called the bounce test. Very cool

Tags: Battery Test Video Meter Tools Bounce Test