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Try the Anus?
Added: 22nd July 2008
Views: 3323
Comments: 1

Man I am sure hoping this meant to say Try the Angus... although I am 99% sure I wouldn't stop at this place even knowing what the meant.. It's called Attention to detail my friends... join the military... to quote a great leader "and we wonder what's wrong with today's youts"

Tags: anus sign burger king stupid sign angus burger
Sexy Jennifer Love Hewitt Levi Commercial
Added: 29th August 2008
Views: 4939
Comments: 3

Sexy Celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt commercial, she is wearing her Levi jeans... let's just say very nicely and gets lots off attention as she struts down the road.

Tags: Jennifer Love Hewitt JLH sexy Levi jeans commercial
Warning pervert next 3km
Added: 1st May 2009
Views: 2599
Comments: 1

Now here is a sign you don't see everyday on the road, flashers ahead, for those that actually pay attention to those sign as you are driving that is....

Tags: funny sign Flashers Pervert Driving
Nice car but but a crappy parking job
Added: 24th April 2011
Views: 1698
Comments: 0

Don't you just hate these guys, ok girls too. I admit yes it is a nice car, but this is a jerk parking attitude to have since everyone knows you are just showing off your car and you are liable to get the wrong type of attention like a nice key right down the side of it, hope you have good...

Tags: nice car crap parking good insurance
Staring at a hot girls legs
Added: 7th June 2011
Views: 1965
Comments: 0

Check out this guy, he isn't even trying to hide his staring at this hot girl, nor should he really, it is pretty obvious she expects the attention. With legs like that she is just giving back to the community with a peek here and there.

Tags: hot girl legs hot legs staring at legs
Pendulum Waves cool video
Added: 10th October 2011
Views: 1487
Comments: 0

See guys, they did this or similar fun experiments in school when you were young, but they didn't seem nearly as cool and now you are old. Kids, pay attention in class, Pendulum waves are cool, just see for yourself in this cool video.

Tags: pendulum waves cool video
Which restroom door to use
Added: 15th October 2011
Views: 1290
Comments: 0

Now I admit I have walked into the wrong restroom door on occasion because I wasn't paying attention, but this guy has a whole other type of problem. That is why they should just spell out Men and Women on the doors and forget the symbols, or if you are going to use symobls then try boobs and a...

Tags: restroom doors men women restroom
Funny sign Pay Attention people
Added: 10th April 2012
Views: 5466
Comments: 1

We have all seen these stupid people walking down the sidewalk or worse yet in the road while trying to check their email or text messages on their phone right, well here is the perfect funny sign for those stupid people

Tags: funny sign pay attention stupid people text messages
Sympathetic Pat on the Head
Added: 25th September 2014
Views: 4409
Comments: 0

Some people you just cant fix and feel like they are always in need of attention well just pat them on the head sympathetically with a HAMMER

Tags: Sympathetic Head Funny Picture Hammer
Anna Kendrick seductive looking in her Bra
Added: 27th February 2015
Views: 3855
Comments: 0

Anna Kendrick taking a very seductive look on her face with her black bra taking slight attention away from her pretty eyes

Tags: Anna Kendrick seductive black bra eyes