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Animal Rights
Added: 12th September 2008
Views: 2465
Comments: 1

Comic/Custom Motivational satire

Tags: Motivation poster
Snail on Train Track
Added: 28th September 2008
Views: 3244
Comments: 0

uh oh, this isn't going to be good, I am a snail and I am on a train track, but it is so warm, wait, what is that noise?

Tags: funny animal snail train track
Bride with Gun
Added: 17th November 2008
Views: 2371
Comments: 0

Now here is an animal you never ever want to come across in the wild, the infamous bride with gun is a very dangerous creature and should never be approached.

Tags: funny bride gun
Animals Rights right to be tasty
Added: 3rd December 2008
Views: 2436
Comments: 0

Animals have rights, the right to be tasty for us to eat, hey , it's all part of the food chain, I'm just glad we are on the top.

Tags: animal rights food chain
Do not get the Animals sick
Added: 12th October 2010
Views: 2145
Comments: 1

Funny sign, they are very much concerned about the animals getting sick, but not so much about your life.... probably because if you get eaten you deserved it for being stupid.

Tags: funny animals sign funny sign animals
FAILS AND WINS (April 2013)
Added: 25th April 2013
Views: 7820
Comments: 0

Fails and Wins from the third week of April.
-A Unique Compilation

Tags: Epic Fails Wins April Funny Compilation Hilarious Ultimate April LOL Animals Crash 2013
Funny sign about living near farms
Added: 4th August 2012
Views: 4843
Comments: 1

A funny sign about people who live or are looking to live near farms. Yes animals make sounds, stink, and have sex.

Tags: funny sign animals farm living farms
When Animals Attack Stupid People
Added: 9th February 2013
Views: 4606
Comments: 0

I have to say I agree with this funny sign, animals are animals and they obviously will attack when they feel threatened or are hungry so really it is about the stupid people

Tags: Animals Attack Stupid People Funny Sign
Cat kick video gets dumb guy arrested
Added: 7th May 2014
Views: 4961
Comments: 0

He's probably the jerk of the year for kicking this homeless cat!

Tags: Animals Cat Kick Jerk Arrested