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Sidewalk Ends
Added: 9th September 2008
Views: 3791
Comments: 1

Another fine example of our tax dollars hard at work here. Wonder if our car registration fees or property taxes go to pay for this stupid sign. Maybe they could at least move it forward 50 feet or so? Hey, you! The sky is blue

Tags: sidewalk ends funny sign stupid sign
Alcohol makes you feel cool
Added: 20th May 2009
Views: 8099
Comments: 2

So you have a feel drinks of alcohol and you are feeling pretty good, relaxed, confident, etc... Well this is what you really look like after all those drinks people!

Tags: alcohol cool drinks feel cool
Crazy Indian Video Buffalaxed
Added: 15th September 2008
Views: 3482
Comments: 1

Crazy Indian video, not translated, but phonetically given English wording based on the sounds, very funny video.

Tags: crazy indian video Buffalaxed
Another Sexy Axe Commercial
Added: 7th November 2008
Views: 3949
Comments: 0

Here is yet another great sexy Axe shower gel commercial. Girls dance around a shower drain pole in this creative advertisement. I use Axe and it works great!

Tags: Sexy Axe Commercial
Women and Axe Body Spray
Added: 15th October 2009
Views: 2608
Comments: 0

Now this woman knows what she wants and she let's this guy know exactly what the Axe Body Spray does to her

Tags: axe body spray
I Dare you - 2 Girls with Axe Body Spray
Added: 3rd February 2010
Views: 2130
Comments: 0

Dare to go up 2+ girls and spray axe on yourself, just see what happens....

Tags: dare axe body spray
Hitchhiker with an axe
Added: 18th February 2011
Views: 2556
Comments: 0

I wonder how many people would stop for this hitchhiker, it you are really trying to catch a ride, it probably isn't the best idea to be wielding an axe in your hand

Tags: hitchhiker axe funny hitchhiker axe
Mitt Romney Tax Returns
Added: 12th August 2012
Views: 6851
Comments: 0

Mitt Romney has run into this issue of his tax returns personally I think it is crap from the left like usual, but this funny picture clearly states that this is his version of the whole Obama birth certificate issue which is also stupid.

Tags: Mitt Romney taxes tax returns Obama Birth Certificate funny picture
Fiscal Cliff Put Into Perspective
Added: 31st December 2012
Views: 6061
Comments: 1

With all the politicians confusing the real issues around the Fiscal Cliff debates , taxing those evil Rich People and cutting spending for those innocent poor people. Here is a neat picture that puts it all into perspective and why raises taxes and the debt ceiling is not the answer.

Tags: Fiscal Cliff Debate Taxes Rich Poor Debt Ceiling
United States border Facts Illegal  Aliens
Added: 11th January 2013
Views: 6040
Comments: 1

A quick picture outlining just how silly the US is with illegal aliens crossing our borders and what we actually do as a country once they are here. Now I am all for someone legally coming into this country, paying taxes, bettering society, etc... but we all know how often that happens.

Tags: United States Illegal Aliens Border Crossing Facts