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Funny Occupy Wallstreet picture
Funny Occupy Wallstreet picture
Funny Occupy Wallstreet picture The occupy Wallstreet movement has gotten old and stale to me, stop protesting and looking for an excuse and get out there and find a job already people, how long do you really think you can blame those evil rich people? Sure some of the rich people are doing wrong, but I bet there are many more poor people who abuse the system like buying booze, cigs, etc... on food stamps just to start..... go get a damn job already.

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Newspaper Headlines 40 years Newspaper Headlines 40 years
a sign of the times for sure

Prodcut design and implementation Prodcut design and implementation
hahahah, now that is funny, but so very true as well,...

Deer camping out under trampoline Deer camping out under trampoline
obviously some type of deer farm

Apple slide to unlock idea Apple slide to unlock idea
and they also own squares with rounded corners!!

Celebrity Emma Watson Panties Celebrity Emma Watson Panties
emma watson is so cute, I can't wait until she is a bit...