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ShitBeGone Toilet Paper
Added: 18th June 2009
Views: 2958
Comments: 0

A very creative name for this toilet paper brand, ShitBeGone

Tags: shitbegone toilet paper
How do you like your Toilet Paper?
Added: 10th December 2009
Views: 2509
Comments: 0

Ahh... the age old debate is right, which is the right way, should the toilet paper come down from the back or the front, make a comment let us know what you think!

Tags: toilet paper picture debate back or front
Never run out of toilet paper again
Added: 3rd March 2011
Views: 1920
Comments: 1

Now here is a huge roll of toilet paper that will ensure you never run out of toilet paper again, or at least not for quite some time. I wonder how often that toilet gets plugged though?

Tags: toilet paper funny toilet
Duct tape toilet paper roll
Added: 6th May 2011
Views: 1851
Comments: 0

Walk into this restroom and something just doesn't feel right, well at least it won't feel right when you go to wipe with the duct tape toilet paper roll.

Tags: duct tape toilet paper
Funny sign Toilet paper for sale NEW
Added: 4th February 2012
Views: 3830
Comments: 0

Check out this funny sign, if not a stupid sign for some toilet paper that is for sale 2 for $1, and they really felt the need to mention that it is unused, ie NEW, you think?

Tags: funny sign stupid sign toilet paper for sale
Twilight New Moon emergency toilet paper
Added: 3rd March 2012
Views: 4256
Comments: 0

Funny picture showing the Twilight New Moon book and how it can best be used as emergency toilet paper

Tags: Twilight New Moon emergency toilet paper funny picture
Glow in the dark Toilet Paper
Added: 10th July 2012
Views: 4733
Comments: 1

Finally we have what mankind has been needing for 100s of years now Glow in the dark Toilet Paper! now this is a funny but serious picture to be sure.

Tags: glow in the dark toilet paper mankind funny picture
Outhouse Has the Runs Video
Added: 2nd May 2014
Views: 5244
Comments: 1

Check out this funny video showing an outhouse portapotty that literally has the runs in a wind storm. Knowing my luck I would be in there without toilet paper when this happened.

Tags: Outhouse PortaPotty Funny Video Windstorm
How you Know you are Having a Bad Day
Added: 5th August 2014
Views: 6004
Comments: 1

Losing the toilet paper under the stall is for sure a good sign that you are or will have a very bad day and it will likely be on a Monday

Tags: Bad Day Toilet Paper Monday
Toilet Paper or Tooth Brush
Added: 28th September 2014
Views: 4593
Comments: 0

You give your vote in the comments of who has the worst job a toothbrush or toilet paper and tell us why

Tags: toilet paper toothbrush worst job funny picture