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Added: 23rd July 2008
Views: 2812
Comments: 0

Too funny, I wonder at what point did they actually realize that they spelled the stop sign wrong?

Tags: stop sign misspelling stupid sign
Another misspelled Stop Sign
Added: 24th July 2008
Views: 2338
Comments: 0

I don't know what is funnier, the fact that I have already uploaded another one of these earlier or that this actually happens this frequently,,... again, i wonder when this guy noticed it was wrong...

Tags: stupid misspelled stop sign stop sign stupid sign
Funny Sign - Frozen Stop Sign
Added: 22nd August 2008
Views: 2188
Comments: 2

Now this is how you know it is freaking cold where you are and probably shouldn't even be on the road.

Tags: funny stop sign frozen sign stop sign
Stop and then Don't Move
Added: 8th September 2008
Views: 2756
Comments: 1

Now here is a stop sign you gotta love. We want you to stop and then.... don't do a damn thing, stay where you are, don't pass go, don't collect anything, don't backup. Get out of your vehicle and walk away. Perhaps some time of new age carjacking?

Tags: stop sign stupid sign
Crazy Funny Stop Sign
Added: 9th November 2008
Views: 2475
Comments: 1

Stop here, no wait don't, there is not stopping anytime expect for right now where it says stop on the sign, sorry, not right now though, now that is funny if not at least annoying

Tags: crazy funny stop sign funny sign funny
No Green Stop light
Added: 17th February 2011
Views: 1413
Comments: 0

I have no idea what the point of this light could possibly be other than probably wasting our tax dollars, why would it never turn green, wouldn't that just be a stop sign then?

Tags: stupid stop light never green stop stop light