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Funny Illegal Immigrants Poster
Added: 22nd September 2008
Views: 3788
Comments: 0

Funny poster, comparing illegal immigrants to sperm, hahah, only one works, man that is some funny stuff.

Tags: funny illegal immigrants immigrants picture poster sperm
Michael Phelps Swimmer
Added: 10th September 2009
Views: 1856
Comments: 1

Michael Phelps as a sperm is the first to the egg!

Tags: Michael Phelps sperm egg swimmer
USB Sperm Drive
Added: 12th December 2010
Views: 2073
Comments: 0

We have all seen the various shapes and size of USB drives as of late, but I bet you haven't seen this USB drive at your local Best Buy store...

Tags: usb drive Best Buy
Illegal immigrants are like sperm
Added: 15th April 2011
Views: 2046
Comments: 0

funny illegal immigrant poster and how they are like sperm

Tags: illegal immigrants funny poster
Funny picture sperm and the egg
Added: 9th September 2011
Views: 1412
Comments: 0

Just a funny picture with a play on words, the sperm spoons and the egg eggs

Tags: funny picture sperm eggs
Funny picture Gentlemen finish last
Added: 3rd February 2012
Views: 3515
Comments: 0

Funny picture using some sperm and an egg showing just why chivalry is dead and Gentlemen are going the way of the dinosaur, good guys often finish last.

Tags: funny picture Chivalry gentlemen good guys finish last sperm and egg