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Puzzle iPhone Wallpaper
Added: 22nd December 2008
Views: 3037
Comments: 0

Cool puzzle wallpaper for your Apple iPhone

Tags: puzzle Apple iPhone Wallpaper iPhone
Crazy puzzle
Added: 26th March 2009
Views: 2305
Comments: 1

If you are really good at puzzles , why not present yourself with a challenge for once, how about a transparent puzzle. Lets see you match the pieces up based on color now!

Tags: crazy puzzles transparent puzzle puzzle
Wheel of Fortune solved in 1 Letter
Added: 9th November 2010
Views: 2300
Comments: 0

Check out this crazy Wheel of Fortune video, this lady solves the puzzle with only 1 letter on the board

Tags: Wheel of Fortune funny video crazy puzzle solved
How many triangles do you see
Added: 4th May 2011
Views: 2280
Comments: 3

wow, I guess if you have some time to kill on this puzzle trying to figure out how many triangles are in this picture, please comment with your guess.

Tags: triangle puzzle how many triangles picture puzzle
Rubiks cube for dummies
Added: 3rd December 2011
Views: 1770
Comments: 0

Here is a funny picture showing you the sure fire way to finally beat the Rubik's cube puzzle for all those dummies out there.... including me..... the answer? Just paint it

Tags: Rubicks Cube for dummies paint it funny picture
Quickly Solve your Rubiks Cube
Added: 6th November 2012
Views: 4705
Comments: 0

A funny picture outlining exactly what you need to do to quickly solve your Rubik's Cube puzzle.

Tags: Rubik\'s Cube Solve Puzzle Funny Picture