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Microsoft Office Fail Clippy
Added: 12th September 2008
Views: 2425
Comments: 0

The most hated icon in PC history - FAIL !

Tags: clippy microsoft fail
Internet Explorer Failed
Added: 24th October 2008
Views: 2790
Comments: 1

Microsoft Internet Explorer something failed error message, now that is funny, they let you know that for sure something has failed and is not working correctly, they just can't tell you what.

Tags: Microsoft Internet Explorer FAIL
Excel Music Video
Added: 3rd November 2008
Views: 3063
Comments: 1

wow, a music video made solely in Microsoft Excel, now this guy had too much time on his hands, very cool though.

Tags: Microsoft Excel music video cool video
Bill Gates Mug Shot
Added: 29th March 2009
Views: 2672
Comments: 1

Looks like Mr. Microsoft himself, Bill Gates was arrested back in 1977, I remember hearing about this and I believe it was for speeding or some other minor moving violation. I wouldnt say he takes a great mug shot, but who does

Tags: Microsoft Bill Gates mug shot arrested
MS Werd Microsoft Word Spoof
Added: 15th July 2009
Views: 3862
Comments: 1

Now a new version of MS Word has been release called MS Werd!

Tags: Microsoft Werd spoof picture MS Word
Funny Windows Service Pack 3
Added: 13th October 2009
Views: 2156
Comments: 0

Funny picture making a mockery of Microsoft Windows service pack 3

Tags: Microsoft Windows service pack
The new Fune Phone from MSFT
Added: 26th October 2009
Views: 3622
Comments: 1

Microsoft has finally done it and released their new Fune phone to compete directly with the iPhone. Yes, i know the real thing from MFST is called the Zune

Tags: Microsoft Zune fune spoof iPhone
Install Windows 7 from floppy disks
Added: 26th August 2010
Views: 3392
Comments: 1

ahh.. I remember these days, even with Windows 95, now you too can install Microsoft Windows 7 with 5.25" floppy disks!

Tags: windows 7 floppy disks install from floppy Microsoft
Windows XP casket Computer
Added: 1st September 2010
Views: 2896
Comments: 1

Introducing the newest gadget from Microsoft, the Windows XP casket computer

Tags: windows XP computer XP Microsoft
Windows Phone blue screen BSOD
Added: 17th February 2011
Views: 1957
Comments: 0

Well , you have to hand it to Microsoft, at least they are consistent in their products. I wouldn't know what to do if I ever got a Microsoft product that didn't have the familiar blue screen of death BSOD from time to time.

Tags: Microsoft Windows Phone BSDO blue screen of death