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Funny Wet Paint Prank
Added: 2nd June 2009
Views: 2314
Comments: 0

Sexy In this funny prank, girls with a dress on sit down on what appears to be a freshly painted bench. Minutes later, some dude comes along and places a wet paint sign down on the bench.

Tags: Funny Wet Paint Prank
Topless Carwash Prank
Added: 10th December 2008
Views: 2817
Comments: 0

A funny prank involving hot girls and a topless car wash. Watch as these customers are in for a 'big' surprise!

Tags: sexy girls funny prank
Sexy And Funny Pranks
Added: 24th March 2009
Views: 4387
Comments: 0

Funny... see how this man takes a bra from other girls using a fishing rod... :) ...

Tags: funny pranks sexy hot beach Comedy
Funny Office Foil Prank
Added: 6th February 2010
Views: 2152
Comments: 0

This guy gets owned when his coworkers completely cover his office in foil, and old but funny prank

Tags: office prank funny prank foil prank
Funny parking ticket prank video
Added: 29th March 2011
Views: 2843
Comments: 1

Funny prank video, people trying to get their parking ticket from the machine and it won't let them take the ticket after they push the button

Tags: funny prank parking ticket funny prank video
Funny prank video Pink Elephants
Added: 15th November 2011
Views: 1369
Comments: 0

Now this is a funny video prank all about people seeing a pink elephant.

Tags: funny prank prank video funny video pink elephant
Funny prank air horn behind the door
Added: 16th November 2011
Views: 1792
Comments: 1

Now this is a great idea for a prank, simply place an air horn on the wall behind the door and scare the crap out of your friends or family.

Tags: funny prank air horn door scare friends