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Anatonmy of a Hangover
Added: 23rd August 2010
Views: 1901
Comments: 0

We have all been there, feeling like ***** after a night or day of heavy drinking, well this is why , everything you never cared about the anatomy of why you get a hangover and what causes it. Cool and interesting facts, but who cares, get your drink on!

Tags: hangover facts hangover anatomy funny picture
No Thanks Officer I Have Everything
Added: 12th March 2013
Views: 5806
Comments: 0

A funny picture of a motorist being a wise butt to a police officer during a traffic stop.

Tags: Police Officer Motorist Traffic Stop Funny Picture
Computer Mouse Injury
Added: 30th August 2010
Views: 2115
Comments: 0

Funny picture showing just how dangerous clicking around with your mouse and computer can lead to a serious injury

Tags: funny picture computer mouse mouse injury
Proof of Life on Mars
Added: 1st September 2010
Views: 2669
Comments: 1

We know have final proof that their is life on Mars, it may not be intelligent life but they have a McDonald's so that is a start

Tags: life on Mars McDonalds funny picture
Funny Bear Grylls
Added: 24th September 2010
Views: 2732
Comments: 1

If you haven't seen the show Man VS. Wild yet, you should definitely tune in, it is a great show and teaches you something about survival as well. Anyway, the guy's name is Bear Grylls and here is a funny picture

Tags: Bear Grylls survival Man vs Wild
Kidnapped Wife
Added: 4th October 2010
Views: 1719
Comments: 0

Check out this creative bum, he wife has been kidnapped and he is out doing all that he can to get that ransom together..... my guess is that it will be going to the closest liquor store on the corner and he will never see his wife again! ;)

Tags: funny picture kidnapped wife
Funny Toilet Picture
Added: 5th October 2010
Views: 1802
Comments: 0

Not sure who thought this was a good design, but they should probably be flushed. Even not thinking about the toilet in the middle, why the need for so many sinks?

Tags: funny picture toilet picture
Funny Mickey Mouse Picture
Added: 5th October 2010
Views: 1673
Comments: 0

The downturn in the economy has even affected the infamous Disney Mickey Mouse, check out this picture where he will now even do work just for some cheese

Tags: Mickey Mouse Disney funny picture
Alien wants to Believe in Life
Added: 9th October 2010
Views: 1527
Comments: 0

Funny picture of a reversal of what alien life might be thinking about finding us!

Tags: funny alien picture alien life want to believe
George Bush looks like a monkey
Added: 18th October 2010
Views: 2370
Comments: 1

Very funny picture comparing George Bush facial expressions with that of a monkey, crazy accurate

Tags: george bush monkey funny picture