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Who came first Chicken or the Egg
Added: 12th May 2009
Views: 3048
Comments: 0

ah.. The age old question, who came first the chicken or the egg? Although this cartoon is quite a bit more funny for sure...

Tags: chicken egg came first funny cartoon
George Bush Dude
Added: 13th November 2008
Views: 2353
Comments: 1

Dude, where's your job. Funny cartoon about president George Bush and his epic low approval ratings.

Tags: George Bush dude job funny cartoon
Hand Lotion just pull
Added: 15th July 2009
Views: 2900
Comments: 0

Funny cartoon drawing of a man offering hand lotion for sale, just pull....hahah

Tags: funny cartoon hand lotion
You Rock no You Rule
Added: 17th August 2009
Views: 2217
Comments: 1

Funny cartoon picture of a rock and a ruler

Tags: cartoon picture funny cartoon rock and rule
Funny Windows File Copy Spoof
Added: 9th December 2009
Views: 2390
Comments: 1

We have all seen it, well if you run a Windows computer. The file copy dialog box can change its estimate dramatically when a file is being copied, hence this very funny cartoon spoof

Tags: windows spoof computer file copy cartoon
Funny Cartoon The Blind Babysitter
Added: 31st October 2009
Views: 3143
Comments: 0

Funny Cartoon picture and why you should never hire a blind babysitter

Tags: funny cartoon babysitter funny picture babysitter
Funny Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Added: 18th November 2009
Views: 4101
Comments: 0

Just a quick funny Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoon moment

Tags: Charlie Brown Snoopy funny cartoon
What are you Thankful for
Added: 24th November 2009
Views: 2374
Comments: 1

Its that time of year again, almost thanksgiving. Funny cartoon about the Apple iPhone

Tags: funny cartoon thankful Apple iPhone
Spin Me Right Round Baby
Added: 14th October 2013
Views: 5231
Comments: 0

Funny Cartoon Spin Me Right Round Baby right round. Now this song will be stuck in your head for at least the next hour.

Tags: Spin Me Right Round Baby Funny Cartoon
Funny Cartoon Family Mental Illness
Added: 30th September 2013
Views: 5558
Comments: 0

A funny cartoon about family mental illness or what at least you perceive as an illness

Tags: Funny Cartoon Mental Illness Family Illness Cartoon